Dating Hunter Chandler Would Probably Include...

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-Matching Jackets. Come on, that's essential.

-Overprotective bear hugs.

-Red beanies!

-Yes, he can be chivalrous.

-He also makes everyone well aware of who you are to him.

-He takes whatever he does with you very seriously.
“Are you okay with this?”

-He has these moments where he rants about how much of dick he is and how he ended up with you. You're usually the one who calms him.

-When he first found out you liked him, he was secretly happy, but he'd never admit it, so he'd force himself to be like, “Oh, everyone loves me, so what the fuck ever.” And he started believing it.

-After he found out you actually loved him, he started to flirt with you, eventually taking you up to the school roof, kissing and hugging you, forcing you to skip class while he confessed his love.

-You're the power couple.

-No one dares stand up to you.

-Rae and Kate are so jealous that you have ‘their Hunty’.

-Once, they tried to take him back. That failed.

-Sometimes, you steal Chandler's jacket and hide under it, and everytime he gives you soft glare, before tackling you over.

-He's a damn bottom.
“So, are you a top or a bottom?”
“Y/N, I'm a threat.”
“Bottom energy~”

-You kinda have to beg him to leave Duke and Martin alone.

- You're helping him stop bullying. It's not really working, but it's trying.

-Red everywhere.

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