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Jungkook is going to ask something to his mo– father, and now he's heading to his room (shared with your mom ofc)

When suddenly his steps came to halt as he heared Seokjin talking with Selena (Your mom brUh), it seems like they just started talking.

He was about to turn back when he heared his name being said. He got curious and placed his ear against the door that has a slight gap.

He peaked through it, and saw Seokjin was hesistate to say the words.

Seokjin: He i-is... well...

Seokjin mumbled as he teared up a bit, his hand shaking. Selena took his husband head in her chest and hugged him, rubbing his back.

Seokjin stuttered as he hesitatingly spoke the next words that made his heart shatter to pieces.

Seokjin: a-adopted.

Jungkook slowly brought his shaking hands to his lips to cover his sobs as tears fell down from his eyes.

Though his knees are weak, he managed to walk away from the hallway.

You were seating in the couch when you saw him, you were about to say something but you noticed his shoulders shaking.

You stood up to walk up to him, when he suddenly ran and soon he was out of the house, the knob hitting the wall.

You tried to ran after him, and called him as loud as you can. But he would ignore your calls. The advantage of his long legs is that he can run as fast as he can, but it's a huge disadvantage for you as you have a low stamina.

And soon, he disappeared. You slowly slowed down. Your cries getting louder.

And so he is.

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