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Year~ 1999


It was a bright Sunday afternoon. A little girl named Joohyun that goes by the name Irene was drawing inside of her room. She then heard a car that had just pulled in from the house next door. Irene was just staring to see if the people will be their new neighbors. The door of the car opened and a little girl holding a teddy bear hopped out the car and was scanning her surroundings. She then looked up the window where Irene was standing in resulting of making Irene duck to not be caught staring.

The next day in school. Irene was in the classroom coloring a picture that she drew yesterday. The school bell rings, then the teacher walks in with a little girl tagging along. Irene didn't bother looking up since she was so focused on finishing the picture.

"Everyone this is your new classmate, so please welcome her" says the teacher while looking at the girl giving her the signal to introduce herself.

The shy little girl started introducing herself.
"Annyeonghaseyo, my name is Kang Seulgi".

The teacher assigned Seulgi to sit by the window next to the girl who was focused on her paper.
"Irene?" says the teacher, "Will you please raise your hand." Irene did as she was told to, but her eyes were glued on the paper.

Seulgi walks over to her assigned seat without saying a word. Then she looked at Irene who was still focusing on her drawing. She then asked what was she doing out of curiosity. Then finally Irene looked up and showed the picture and says that she coloring the picture of her family that she drew from yesterday. Irene then saw Seulgi's face and was shocked to see the girl that was in front of her.

"Y-You're the girl that just moved in n-next door from my house huh?" Irene says while stuttering.
"Wait, where you the one standing from the window while staring at me?" Seulgi looking at Irene waiting for a response.

Irene didn't answer Seulgi's question. They then seated quietly the whole time during english class. The bell rings which means it was time for recess. Irene suddenly then realized that she forgot her lunchbox at home. Her stomach started growling like a dying whale which made Seulgi giggled.
"Do you want a piece of my sandwich?" she asked.
"No it's fine, it's y-y......" Irene was cut off by Seulgi, but shoving her sandwich into Irene's mouth. "I don't want to here a dying whale for the rest of the day, so please eat up" she says this while giving her adorable eye smile which made Irene stare at her for a brief moment.

The school bell rang and it was time to go home. Irene's house was just a block away from school so she just walks home. On the way home, she was Seulgi walking alone and she decided to run toward Seulgi to catch up with her.
"Thank you for your sandwich by the way" says Irene.
"Other than shoving it in my mouth" she added.
Seulgi did not say anything with a confused look in her face.
"Hell-lloooo?!??" Irene waves her hand in front of Seulgi's face.
"Are you okay?" as Seulgi stopped and looking at each direction. Her eyes began to water. Irene looked really concerned and asked her what was wrong.
"I-I forgot which way was home..."
"Okay fine, to answer your question from a while ago, yes i was the one staring at you from my window.... sooo here let's go home" after answer Seulgi's question, Irene held her hand guiding her on the way home.

Seulgi was really thankful that Irene was there with her the whole time on the way home. In a couple minutes they made it to their house and Seulgi gave Irene a big hug and thanked her for bringing her. Irene then asked Seulgi if she wanted to come over and play in their backyard. Seulgi said yes but had to go home to leave her bag in her room. For a couple hours they play tag. Irene was really happy that she was able to make a new friend since she had non. As they got tired they laid on the grass and began to chat.

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