[PART TWO] A Simple Bite Is All It Takes To Change A Relationship.

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Here's a part two that one person asked for! Sorry to keep you all waiting, I had a massive writer's block.

TW: MORE death, gore, oh and Mac swearing.



Mac glanced at Chandler's body. She fought back tears. She killed her. She asked to be killed. Mac complied. Her girlfriend was gone. Forever, this time.

Veronica gently placed her hand on her shoulder, “Let's go hunt Jason Dickhead, and avenge them,” She more-so ordered than suggested. Mac wiped her tears with a darkened expression.

“Let's,” She grinned.


He was easier to find than expected. He grinned, as he had a feeling, “Greetings and salutations, about time you showed up. You're not exactly great at hiding your location. How's Duke and Chandler? Oh, wait, I'm sorry, too soon?” He chuckled. Mac glared at him.

“What the fuck have you done,” Veronica snapped. J.D merely shrugged, gesturing for her to continue, “You took innocent lives! Our girlfriends are dead!” She barked. The teenchcoat lover merely laughed in response, to Veronica's annoyance.

“All the arseholes need to be dead! That includes little miss sunshine here,” He growled, lifting his gun, aiming it at Mac. Veronica stepped up to him, the gun touching her forehead, “Veronica, move aside.”

“No,” She spoke, trying to keep a straight face when she saw a zombified version of Luna, well, New Wave Girl, sneak up behind the trenchcoat worshipper, “You want to kill anyone? Kill me. Heather has just had to kill her girlfriend, I don't want her to have to hurt even more.” Mac smiled slightly at that. It was nice to know that she cared. Well, Duke and Chandler cared, but they were.. Gone, now. She had also noticed Luna stumble towards J.D and she smirked a little. J.D raised a brow.

“I wouldn't smirk if I were you, sunshine. Only I have the antidote,” He grinned.


“I mean, let's be honest, you have no hope in Hell, but you will be joing them down there.” He continued, drawling his sentences to mock them even more.



He suddenly tried to shoot Mac, but luckily he missed, grinning widely when the remaining Heather yelped, “You're just pathetic.” It really wasn't helping Mac's already self-destructive thoughts.


Veronica held her gun up to him, “You won't be shooting her.” She barked at him. There was rage in her eyes, and it was obvious.


One step.

Two steps.

Always coming closer.

“Give us the antidote,” The brunette snapped at him. He smirked in return. There was no way he was going to give it up unless he was distracted, and she shot another zombified student that was sneaking up on the final Heather, who yelped as they fell next to her foot.

Three steps.

He laughed at the two, “As if I'm going to listen to you. I run this place now.”




Veronica grinned, “No you don't.” J.D tilted his head.

“What do you--” He began.

A lazy neck grab.

A groan.

A pair of infected lips biting uninfected skin.

Scream of pain.

Quickly, Veronica grabbed the antidote, lettibg Mac hold Chandler's red stained gun to his forehead as he shot Luna, the girl's body falling. Veronica silently thanked her for her help, though she'd never live to see it worshipped, “Any last words?” Heather asked, cocking the gun, more so staring at the engraved ‘H.C’ in it.

“i'Ll… bE bAck..!” He growled wildly. She pulled the trigger.


They'd won. But at what cost?


It had been years since Heather McNamara and Veronica Sawyer saved Sherwood, Ohio, and possibly the rest of the USA, from a zombie outbreak. They also buried the dead. Apart from J.D, even though both Mac and Veronica wanted to, the town voted to burn his remains. So they did. All that remains is an unused coupon for 7-11. Veronica keeps it as a reminder. She sighed, standing up from a gravestone.



“She died so young. It could've been any of us..” Mac sighed, side hugging the former blue Heather. She nodded in response.

“It didn't have to be like this, but,” Veronica chuckled wryly, “Not everyone is a winner.”

“But look on the bright side,” Mac smiled gently, “We'll see them again soon when something bad happens to us!” She giggled a little at that, before turning and putting a single rose on another grave.



Mac put her hand on it gently, “We'll always remember them.” She smiled comfortingly. Veronica nodded.

“Yeah.. You want to go 7-11, and spend J.D's coupon?”

“Absolutely! Let's go.” They walked away, unaware of two green and red spirits who both wore proud expressions and teary eyes.

“They'll always be there for eachother.” Duke grinned, looking at the two roses on their graves, floating around it.

“And they should.” Chandler smiled.

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