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"You and Melo?" Courtney asks me

"What about us?" I laugh as I act oblivious

"What are you guys to each other?"

"Mel and I are friends. Should I call Mel in here, I feel he should be apart of this too" I giggled

I grabbed my phone and launched the FaceTime call log and called him

"Melo I need you to come downstairs. I'm getting interviewed right now and I need you here to answer some questions "

not even two minutes later I see Melo open the door, I got out of the chair and walked over to him

"hey baby" he said before he grabbed my chin and kissed me

He walked over to the chair and sat down and not thinking because it's not anything new I sat on his lap

"friends, yeah okay" Courtney says laughing

"We are" I giggled at the fact how our actions are showing the exact opposite

"So what about this video" Courtney says as she shows us a computer with a video of me and Melo on it

"mmh, yeah I really don't know what to say how about you answer it, Mel" I laughed

"Always laughing, but what happened was that I was playing fortnite and Jay was trying to get my attention I guess and she got it but we kinda forgot we were on Instagram live"

"Jay you also changed the caption from 'nothing on you when you're naked except that Cartier bracelet' what was that about and can you describe what went on in the video " she continued to interrogate us

"The caption ummm yeah so you see what happened was" I said as I tried to buy some more time

"damn okay so Melo was ignoring me and Rihanna started playing and before you knew it I was dancing on him" I giggled as I tried to justify myself

"And it wasn't only me Melo was the one that was all touchy-feely all over me" I said

"So it was my fault?" He laughed


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Melo she got a better nigga now this is what she prayed for 🤩

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