I got into the bathroom to shower. But i was too excited that I forgotten to bring my clothes in, I only brought my towel in.

After I finish showering, I had no choice but to wrap the towel around my body, got out of the bathroom and take my clothes. When I got out, I heard the sound of door opening. Chaeyoung walked in while looking at me with widen eyes. He was wearing white long sleeve button up with a leather jacket and denim pants. His handsome looks makes me forget that I was in towel. When I got my sense back, I shouted


He said sorry with his cute giggles at the back makes my heart melt.

I started changing my clothes. I wore a plain white shirt with denim jacket and skirt. After I was done, I called Chaeyoung in and gave him a long hug.

He was so handsome. He had my one of my favourite perfume of his own on. Which makes him extra extra hot and sexy. I nuzzled my nose against his neck as I inhaled his perfume and scent.

After our short conversation, Chaeyoung brought be to watch a movie. I suggested one of the movie Sana suggested to me which was M-18.

When the movie started, I was still holding on the Chaeyoung's hand and I can sense Chaeyoung looking at me. Suddenly, I felt someone else also looking at me. I tuned to look at my left side and say a 30+ year old guy looking at my thigh.I was scared so I let go of Chaeyoung's hand and lean closer to him on his shoulder and whispered

"The guy next to me keep on looking at me."

After what I told him, I saw him taking off his jacket and placed it on my lap to cover my thighs. I felt my heart fasten as he placed his jacket on my lap.

"If he touches you, tell me okay."Chaeyoung said with his ocean-deep dimple smile.

I could feel my heart being attack by his smile, while I smiled and mouth 'thanks' .

Why do I feel like that....

Do I like him.....


I guess.....

I love him....

Suddenly, he placed his arm over my shoulder and I continue leaning against his shoulder. I turned my attention back to the movie and just nice it was some heated scenes.

'Damn it. Why did Sana suggest this movie to me? She didn't even tell me that there is these scene?' I thought

Then, I looked over at Chaeyoung to saw him lowering his head with a shy smile.

'So cute' I thought

I asked him if he's shy and he nodded.

After a few minutes, the movie finally finished.

We went out of the cinema holding hands and then Chaeyoung pulled me up to the rooftop. He turned arouns to face me and took a deep breath before speaking.

"Mina, as time ticks by, I finally have the courage to say this....

I know it might be a bit cringy to hear, but I already hold it for a long time....

And today....

Its the day i will say whatever i want to say...

I know you're curious by now and I actually had said it before but I just want to confirm it with you again...." He pause and held my hand

My heart was about to explode because of happiness...

I started to get teary because of his sweet words...

I kept quiet as he continue

"Everyday and night, there is this one person in my head....

She occupied my whole head space with her little gestures....

The way she looked at me can immediately melt my heart...

I would die just to see her smile everyday...

And if she's happy, I would be happy too...

Everything our hand accidently brush against each other, I heart feels like its about to explode.... " He paused again.

He took a step closer to me and held both my hands. He look at me. I could feel that my tears are about to fall.

"Hey hey hey... Don't cry....I haven't even finish talking...."He smiled and continued

"You know what...

I am not gonna hold it any longer...

Do you, Myoui Mina wants to be my girlf-- "

I knew he would confess. I am about to die because of happiness so I cut him off, I cupped his face and kissed his passionately. We kissed slowly under the moonlight.

"I DO I DO. I want to be Son Chaeyoung's girlfriend. " I exclaimed because I could hold my joy anymore then I thought about whatever I had done and said

"I am sorry that I defended Bambam from you. After thinking through whatever you had said, I finally realised who really loves me and who I really loves. I love you Son Chaeyoung. And i am honored to claim your first kiss and be your first ever girlfriend. " I continued and claimed his lips again

We kiss slowly. Then I started to get rougher, his lips are so soft and addictive. I found his neck and wrap my arms around his neck. He then held my waist as he pulled me closer towards him. I smile at his little gesture asking for more.

He broke the kiss and lean our forehead together. We were both catching our breath after the heated kiss.

"You're a good kisser although its your first. " I praised him and I really mean it. I saw him blushing and so I said.

"Aww..Don't blush...So Cute. "I continue

He suddenly hugged me and lift me up and shouted


I suddenly felt like the luckiest women kn earth having him as my boyfriend.

We had a walk around the park and after that he brought me back to my dorm.

"Goodnight Minari, that will be your nickname. I love you. " He said as he kiss my forehead.

I suddenly felt so special as I had a special nickname from him, so I decided to get him a nickname too.

"Goodnight chaeyoungie, that will be your nickname. See you tmr, I love you too. " I said as I claimed his lips again

He broke the kiss and whispered

"Thank you for accepting me. I love you so much. Have a goodnight sleep. See you tmr. " He whispered as he kissed my forehead again

After that, I went back to my dorm and lay on my bed thinking about how Chaeyoung made me bolder and how Chaeyoung made me the luckiest women on earth. After that, I washed up and slept, looking forward to tmr's date.

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