Chapter 7

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Chaeyoung's POV

"Mina, as time ticks by, I finally have the courage to say this....

I know it might be a bit cringy to hear, but I already hold it for a long time....

And today....

Its the day i will say whatever i want to say...

I know you're curious by now and I actually had said it before but I just want to confirm it with you again...." I pause and held her hand

"Everyday and night, there is this one person in my head....

She occupied my whole head space with her little gestures....

The way she looked at me can immediately melt my heart...

I would die just to see her smile everyday...

And if she's happy, I would be happy too...

Everything our hand accidently brush against each other, I heart feels like its about to explode.... " I pause again.

I take a step closer to her and held both her hands. I look at her and her watery eyes were shining brightly .

"Hey hey hey... Don't cry....I haven't even finish talking...."I smiled and continued

"You know what...

I am not gonna hold it any longer...

Do you, Myoui Mina wants to be my girlf-- "

Before I could finish, Mina cupped my face and claimed my first kiss. We kissed slowly under the moonlight (its already night)

"I DO I DO. I want to be Son Chaeyoung's girlfriend. " Mina exclaimed

"I am sorry that I defended Bambam from you. After thinking through whatever yoh had said, I finally realised who really loves me and who I really loves. I love you Son Chaeyoung. And i am honored to claim your first kiss and be your first ever girlfriend. " Mina continued and claimed my lips again

We kiss slowly. Then Mina started to get rougher, she found my neck and wrap her arm around my neck. I then held her waist as I pulled her closer towards me.

I broke the kiss and lean my forehead against hers. We were both catching our breath after the heated kiss.

"You're a good kisser although its your first. " Mina praised me as I lowered my head and blush

"Aww..Don't blush...So Cute. "Mina continue

I hugged her and lift her up and shouted


We had a walk around the park and after that i brought her back to her dorm.

"Goodnight Minari, that will be your nickname. I love you. " I said as i kiss her forehead.

"Goodnight chaeyoungie, that will be your nickname. See you tmr, I love you too. " Mina said as she claimed my lips again

I broke the kiss and whispered

"Thankyou for accepting me. I love you so much. Have a goodnight sleep. See you tmr. " I whispered as I kiss her forehead again

After that, I drove back home, showered and slept, waiting for our date tmr.

Mina's POV

Sunday morning

I woke up early in the morning to get ready for Chaeyoung's and I friendship date.

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