Chapter Twelve : Triggering a Heat

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When we arrived back to the pack house I scurried away from the others. I constantly warned Taeyong not to touch me since I did not want to be mated right now.I knew that the smallest touch would trigger my heat.

 I ran off back to the room I woke up in, which I assumed would be my room for as long as I was forced to stay here. I hopped up onto my bed and I stared up at the ceiling. 

Damn. What's wrong with you Dalia? Why'd you have to go and pounce on Ten like that!

What do you mean? Me and you are in this together, so don't pretend like you didn't do it too! Don't pen this whole thing on me!

I ignored her comment. Why did you have to do that in public? In front of everyone? I am embarrased and ashamed. I can't show my face down there again!

Dalia rolls her eyes. Your such a crybaby. Don't act like you didn't fucking like it! The way his face looked when we gave him pleasure. He was feeling pure bliss and only we can do that to him. 

As I started thinking about it I started to get hot again, but very faintly. Yeah, Whatever. I said to her.

God. He's perfect. The way his eyes rolled to the back of his head. And his cock. God. It felt amazing. And so big. I don't think I have ever felt something so big in my life! I want it in us, Y/n. 

I started to feel flustered, I was growing hotter by the minute. Dalia notice this when I didn't awnser her and she kept going.

I mean just imagine. His big cock going in and out of us. We would feel Euporira. I bet he's kinky too, how much do you wanna bet? 

I was sweating profusely now. I know that the people downstairs could smell my arousal. Espeically Ten and Taeyong. 

Dalia, shut up!  Dalia has always been the kinkier of the two of us. But because we shared the same mind and the same human body I was forced to take on her "sexual ways", not that I mind. The heat was becoming too much to bear. And her just talking about Ten got me hot and flustered. 

I was writhing in pain. The next thing I knew I was screaming. Two names falling off my lips each time. Ten and Taeyong. 

Soon enough Yeri and some other pack members ran into my room. But no sign of Ten or Taeyong. I whimpered. 

Where are they?

As if yeri read my mind, she says "We have to keep them away from you. Your double marked this could go badly for you. You could die."

Fuck that. I growled. Loud.

"I. Want. To. See. Them. " I watched Yeri now. 

That jealous bitch. How dare she keep me from my partners. I'll teach her...

I growled louder then before, this time it was more Dalia's growl then my own. She eyed me. Her eyes growing big in shock and fear. Dalia smirked at her reaction. 

"Please...I promise I won't do anything. Just let them come into this room. Please." I kept begging until Yeri held up her hand for me to stop and spoke.

"Tell them they can come in now. But they have to remain over here with me at the door and she has to stay in bed." Both body guards nodded and went to retrieve the boys.

When they came back. Yeri pulled them aside and told them the "rules" I'm sure. But I didn't care. I was going to get what I wanted no matter the cost. The boys stumbled in and Yeri watched from outside the door, eyeing me.

Me and Dalia whimpered. They were gorgeous. My arousal grew bigger and my skin felt like it . was burning off. I scratched at myself and whimpered in arousal and pain. I called out both their names and begged. 

"Please, Please. Please."

Ten and Taeyong eyed each other. They were turned on completely. I could see how hard I was making them. Under their pants it was obvious, how sexy this was. 

I bet they will fuck us hard. What do you think? Dalia purred and moaned. 

  I moaned when I saw how hard I made them and at Dalia's words. They both jerked their heads toward my direction when the moan fell off my lips. Their eyes were blurred with lust. I turned around so I was facing the head board and  got on my hands in knees and shoved my ass in their faces practically. I heard a loud groan come from behind me. And I collasped at the sound. 

It was like I wasn't in control anymore, but neither was Dalia. It turned into too much. And I was losing control. So I let go. I was tired and weak. Dalia took over in an instant. My eyes turned darker and they were filled with lust. I watched them both as I turned around and stood up. I  walked closer to them. Until I felt a sharp sting. But not like when Taeyong and Ten both marked me. 

A sting like-

an injection shot. I passed out and darkness. Just darkness.

Shit not again. Dalia growled before subcoming to the shot injected into us, making the whole world go quiet. 

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