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I fluttered my eyes open, slightly squinting from the light coming in from the open windows. I looked up from Jaxon's chest and he was already up. "Good morning."

I blushed. "Good morning..." In between my legs still felt so sore and I already knew that hickeys were littered all over me. He definitely changed my mind... 

"How long have you been up?" I asked, tracing circles onto his chest. "Not long."

I nodded and we both fell into silence. My mind drifted off to thinking about what Tyler had said yesterday about Jaxon's gut feelings were right. I believed him. Jaxon has always been cautious of people he talks to. However, the thing I can't believe that Adam, my childhood friend, is a bad person. He's always been so kind to me when we were children.

You're not children anymore. People change.

"Something's on your mind," Jaxon stated rather than ask. I sat up, covering my chest with the blanket. "It's nothing. We should go and get ready."

He took my hand in his, kissing my hand. "You sure you don't want to stay in bed for a little while longer?"

I blushed, drawing my hand away. "The last time I let you keep me, we were late."

"You didn't regret it though." He smirked and I rolled my eyes, hiding my face behind my hair. "You're annoying."

Jaxon watched me attentively as I got off of the bed but, only for my legs to give out and I collapsed on the floor. "Ow..." His laugh bounced off of the walls. This asshole knew that would happen. He poked his head from the side of the bed.

"How's the weather down there?"

"Awfully gloomy." With the support of the bed, I got back on it and rubbed my sore legs. He went to the bathroom and I heard the water run before he came back. I kept my eyes above his waist and he smirked, scooping me in his arms. "You didn't need to pick me up."

"You couldn't even take a step by yourself so yes, I did."

"You're really annoying."

"You love me anyway."


Jaxon helped me off of the boat and I nearly tripped over my own two feet. He quickly caught me. "You sure you're walking fine?"

"Yes," He let me go and walked behind me as we made our way to the hotel. My Dad had called me last night but, I was... occupied. He only left a voicemail that said to meet him in the morning with Jaxon too.

"You should stop," I spoke up when we were on the elevator.

"Stop what?"

"Grinning like an idiot." I giggled, looking over my shoulder. Jaxon was only smirking with pride from last night. No doubt if my Dad saw the looks on our smiles, he'd figure out what we've been up to. He could put all the pieces together then he'd kill Jaxon and me.

However, that stupor smile was still on his face. I sighed, knocking on the door to my Dad's room. After a few minutes, he opened the door. "It's about time. Do you not know how to pick up your phone, hija?"

"Sorry... I fell asleep early."  I lied. It was the very opposite of that. Jaxon kept me up most of the night.

He stepped aside and we both walked in, sitting down on the couch while my Dad sat on the opposite one of us. He was eyeing Jaxon the whole time. I wasn't sure why because Jaxon did stop smiling. My Dad finally looked at me. "Where were you? You weren't in the hotel with Audrey and Abella."

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