Chapter One-Princess Ayleth

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I am Princess Ayleth of Laydean. My father is King Terrowin and my mother is Queen Thea. I am the one and only heir to the throne. Crowned Princess when I become eighteen years of age. Now I've heard that some people believe it's easy being me. I am a princess therefore I receive whatever I want, but believe me it's not easy. I have to be tutored in the art of magic and sword fighting. I must be able to read and write, however those actually did come easy to me. Being a princess is harder that anyone could imagine. I know what it means to be elegant. My mother taught me how to act like royalty. She isn't a snob and I idolize her. The people love my parents. They are kind to the less fortunate and don't leave them to die. They take in orphan children, feed the starving, and cure the ill. My mother and father love each other. I hope to be just like them when I am queen. I hope to have that special connection and love with my husband.


"My lady, you must choose a dress for the meeting with the Pendragons at midday." Arabella, my handmaiden, informed me. I put down my sword and wiped sweat from my brow. The straw dummy in front of me was completely destroyed. Feeling accomplished with my work I put the sword back into the slot for cleaning and sharpening.

"I am aware. And Arabella it is not a meeting. They are here for my coming of age feast." I told her. She nodded and we both walked along the stone path back to the castle. I looked up at the towering castle that I had lived in and grew up in for the thirteen years of my life. It was made of white marble. Sentry towers surrounded the castle and lined the wall of the lower town.

"Are you excited to be thirteen years of age, my lady?" Arabella asked me.

"I suppose, but with age come more responsibility." I answered her. She nodded and we continued forward. We arrived at one of the many side doors to the castle. Two guards stood at either side of the door.

"My lady," they both said. I nodded to them and opened the door. When the door was securely shut behind Arabella and me I again spoke.

"I don't get why I must where a gown. Trousers are much more convienent." I stated. I heard a soft gasp escape Arabella's mouth.

"My lady I do believe you don't want Queen Thea hearing that." She said. I sighed knowing that what she was saying was true.

"Yes I do believe you don't. Princess Ayleth." A male voice spoke from behind me. I turned quickly on my heel and was greeted with a tall blonde. I smirked, realizing exactly who he was. He was the talller, more muscular version of Prince Arthur. Granted I hadn't seen him since I was five.

"Well if it isn't Prince Arthur." I commented. I saw his mouth curve into a soft smile. Mine did the same. There was a polite tug on my sleeve and I turned to Arabella.

"We must go get your gown, my lady." I nodded to her.

"Well it seems I must bid you farewell for now. Good day Prince Arthur." I said to he. I did a small curtsie.

"Good day Princess Ayleth." He bowed his head. I turned and with Araella returned to my room.

There are two doors to my chambers. One is the servents' entrance and the other one is my entrance. Both are constantly guarded by two knights. The main entrance to my room is made up of two large oak doors with a reddish tint to it. It is indeed rather extravagent. In the room there are several sections. Once you have entered you're greeted by a small sitting room.

This sitting room consists of a fireplace and two rich, sapphire cushion seats. To the right, left, and center were archways. One for each direction. To the right was my large closet. Filled with all sorts of outfits. Outfits for riding, traveling, and everday. Even outfits for just meeting people. The clothes in my closet were set up according to color. On certain day when I had nothing to do I would spend my day organizing my closet. Then to the left was my bathing and changing room. Not all that important, but there was a secret room behind it where I could practice and study my magic. It wasn't forbidden in the realm, but we didn't want to lose any of our allies.