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You may say were bestfriends...but In my eyes his more than a best friend to me...

For a guy who has to be the captain of the West Wood High football team and the star quarterback and the hottest guy In school...well it's kinda hard getting around him.

Hey everyone I'm Hayley Turner I'm a 17 year old girl, from Manhattan New York. I'm a transfer student from Starsea College from Nashville and I'm practically the nerd and singer of the group shall I say, and is best friends with the hottest guy in school Daniel Fitz.

Although he has a girlfriend named Taylor Finch, captain of the cheer leading squad who is a stuck up bitch, show off and what do you call that word....oh yeah a whore...

And you're maybe asking how the hell I became friends with him.

Well here's my story...



Authors Note:

Heeey Ladies and Gents! Whoever is reading
! Just letting you know, please do not steal my story and characters that I have made, cos yeah it took me a while to think of an awesome and funny story/fanfic! Cos if you do, yeah its kinda unfair so yeah thanks!

I also have another book called ~ Flawless ~ and Prince Charming Material, Care to take a look and read it!

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