Chapter 18

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Time jump

Mani's P.O.V.

"Where's Mami?" I look up from the papers on my desk to the door of my office. Aiden is standing there with his football in hand. He's 15 now and sometimes his voice makes me think a grown man is talking to me. He's taller than all of us now and he's very muscular. From looking you would think he's older than what he is. I'm just glad he doesn't really have any facial hair yet. He has a strong jawline and the older he got the more he started to look like Lauren a little. It's still hard to believe my son is 15 now.

He got into football when he was ten and I guess that explains his physique. He wants to play football professionally but if that doesn't work out he wants to be a pediatrician. He's always loved kids and is great with his brother and sister. Jordan idolizes his brother; he wants to be just like him and asked us to let him play football two years ago when he was eight. Sierra loves her big brother just as much. He plays with her all the time and she's spoiled rotten by both Aiden and Lauren..

Aiden has a job tutoring elementary school kids and that's most likely what he's doing if he isn't at football practice or with his friends. Since his birthday is coming up, of course he wants to get a car. Lauren has been taking him driving since he's past the first part of his driving test. We agreed that if he can get half of the amount for the car, we'll give him the other half and since he's been saving for almost two years, I think he might just be getting that car.

Now Aiden is a good kid but he does have his faults. He can be very sneaky and he has a bit of a temper, which he had to get from Lauren. He's definitely very interested in girls, maybe a little too much and they sometimes are a distraction. He feels like he needs to go to every party even after Lauren and I have said no but Lauren and I were the exact same way in high school.

"I think she's working on something. Why do you want her?" I ask and he shrugs and tosses the football in the air.

"No reason. I'm just bored and I wanted to ask you guys something."

"What is it?" I ask.

"There's this party."

"Details." I say and he walks in and sits on the corner of my desk.

"It's a few blocks over, I'm walking with Adam and Brandon, I'll be home at 11, A girl named Melissa is throwing it and I don't know about the alcohol. Am I missing anything?"

"When it is." He nods.

"Tonight, it starts at 8." I nod and lean back in my chair.

"I'll talk to mami about it and let you know." He stands up and nods.

"Thanks ma." I nod and look back down at my papers. I'm trying to put together a closing statement but I can't because I still feel his eyes on me.

"Anything else?"

"Yeah...when you're done, want to go for a jog with me?"

"Sure. I'll be done in 30 minutes tops." He smiles and nods then walks out closing the door behind him.

We're still as close as we've always been and he's very open with Lauren and I most of the time. The only times he lies is when a girl is involved. I hate that but we've had the talk with him and I know he's not stupid so he's being safe if he's doing anything. I finish my statement and leave my office. I go to change my clothes and as I walk through the living room I see Lauren and Sierra playing with her dolls on the floor.

Sierra was another surprise. Lauren and I were already planning another baby, not knowing I was already pregnant. I had no symptoms with her really but around the third month I went to the doctor for a check up and they told me I was pregnant. The only thing that changed before I found out I was pregnant, was that I had gained some weight. She was a premature baby and was born a when I was almost 8 months pregnant. She was very small and I was afraid she wouldn't make it. I felt guilty that it was my fault because it took so long for me to realize I was pregnant. She stayed in the hospital for a month and a half before she was allowed to go home. She's fine now though, just your average seven year old. She looks just like me but has Lauren's hair color.

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