Song writing

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What if we made a song and what it would be about? Actually...Bishop haven't there been songs you wrote and sung before? Like that one you made with the sentence, "picture of a wolf and it's howling at the moon"?

Bishop: Yeah, I write and sing songs a lot although I don't remember that one exactly. Perhaps it slipped my mind.

You posted it on YouTube. I'd listen to it many times over when I'm feeling down." Here's a get well soon card. It has a picture of a wolf and it's howling at the moon." Can't ever forget that part of the song.

Bishop: Oh yeah. That was one of the first songs I made.

Loxo: Wooaaaahhhhh! I didn't know you made songs, Spade!!!

Voodoo: The more you know

Ricochet: : Spade is full of mysteries... 

Bishop: I usually make them as a way to vent or let my feelings out if I don't have any paper.

My twin let's it out with singing. I let it art. Got the paws of an artist. Bishop has a voice of a singer.

Dusk: But Bishop draws too.

Bishop: I vent with art if I have paper, pencils and time

Lemondrop: But if you look at the drawings, it's clear that Classy has done it for a longer time. Not being rude or disrespectful, Bishop!

Bishop: I understand completely. Bloody has had more experience as well as more time. I have a rather.. busy schedule.

Which is why I always drop everything when my twin has time...if I'm not far from my phone.

Voodoo: I don't wish to interrupt the conversation, but... how do we do this ask?

*shrugs* Guess we say what our song will be about if we wrote one.

Loxo: Oh!!! I know mine!!!

We all know yours, Loxo...

Silence: Ships?

Loxo: Hey! Don't assume it's about ships!

Voodoo: They always are about ships...think it's right to assume.

Dusk: Let's just make a song right now...

Silence: Why 

Dusk: it will be fun and Bishop can help us.

Bishop: I don't know

Dusk: Please

Bishop: *looks at Bloody* Help

Right you all. We can either make up our own. Or we can each say a verse and pass it on. Example, Bishop starts it off and Lemondrop says something after they stop. Then Voodoo sings something.... does that make sense?

Voodoo: A bit

Ricochet: Y-yes but I don't know 

Loxo: Oh! Spade sings something, then someone says their verse, and then someone else does! Got it!!

Silence: Alright I'm in

Lemondrop: I do get it....but...okay, I'm in.

Dusk: Same here

Bishop: Alright, I just need something to sing about.

Hm... Lemondrop, start off. Your voice it pretty delightful to hear so let's see how you are when singing.

Lemondrop: *clears their throat* When the nights were cold and the sky was filled with stars above...

*looks over at Voodoo*

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