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Paul PoV

I stood there in shock at what the guys were telling me. Some higher-up bloodsuckers have threatened The Cullens a couple of times and now they've murdered Edward.

"Jesus." I exclaimed with a look of horror on my face.

"No sh*t." Jake said, "so we made a deal with the rest of the Cullens."

"On certain days we team up with certain members of their family and do patrol in La Push and Fork." Embry explained.

"That won't start until tomorrow." Sam said, "but right now, Jake, Paul, Seth patrol."

My phone went off and I looked for a second and it was a text from Bella saying that she went to Charlie's. We nodded and shifted into our wolf form before taking off into the woods.

Bella PoV

I decided that I was going to take a shower to relax from all the commotion of the last few days. I stripped off my clothes and made my way to the bathroom and shut the door, locking it.

I stepped into the shower and turned it on. Warm water cascaded down my body, heating up my skin.

The events of the passed few days have taken a role on me, from some psycho vampire claiming that I'm his mate to the death of my first love.

I began to sob knowing that it was my fault that Edward was dead and that the Cullens now mourn a son and brother.

I don't know how long I sobbing for until I noticed that my hands were getting wrinkly. I whipped my tears away and rinsed my body with soap and water and did the same with my hair.

Turning off the water and stepping into the steamy bathroom, I wrapped the towel around me and went into my bedroom.

I went to my dresser and got out new clothes. As I made my way towards my bed a felt a cool breeze blow by me.

I turned and saw the window open. I went towards it and closed it and locked it tight.

'I don't remember opening it' I thought.

"Hello Mia Bella." I heard from behind me.

My eyes widens in fear as I slowly turned around and locked eyes with a red eyed vampire.

"We finally meet." He continued.

I realised who he is. Alec. Holy hell.

I stood there frozen in fear as he slowly walked towards me. He was angelically beautiful. He has dark brown hair and he is taller in stature, and his lips aren't as full. His eyes are a burgundy and he was wearing a pearl grey suit.

"Alec." I whispered.

I slowly moved across the room towards my bed as his eyes followed my every move. I gulped silently in fear.

"What do you want?" I asked as calmly as I could.

"Is it not obvious," he exclaimed stretching his arms out, "you. I want you."

My eyes widened at the possessiveness in his tone. This is like Edward all over again, but this is worse.

Paul PoV

The boys and I were running patrol when I smelt a sickly sweet smell. Vampire. Two of them. I growled and picked up the pace with Seth and Jake on either side of me.

We ran faster as the smell got stronger. We came upon a clearing in the middle of the woods and saw to vampires facing us.

I could tell they were red eyed and not any of the Cullens.

'Let's get'm boys' I said to Jake and Seth.

We growled menacingly at them and they took off. With us hot on their trail. We chased them for a mile before one of them stopped and flashed in front of Seth knocking him down.

I ran at him and grabbed him by cloak, flinging him away from Seth. The bastard landed on his feet.

"I wonder how your precious human is mutt." He smirked. "She will be Alec's soon."

I snapped my jaws at him and got in a crouching position to attack, but what he said next really pissed me off.

"I mean he is at her house after all." He winked and zoomed off.

'The bastard fled' I said to Jake. He growled in annoyance.

'The other vampire jumped in the ocean.' Jake said through the link.

I huffed agitated, damn vampires and their damn speed. How come we're not that fast. I mean, we are pretty fast, but damn.

'Guys! He said that Alec is at Bella's!' Seth yelled through the link.

My eyes widened in anger and fear. Bella is at the house. My boys and I ran through the woods as fast as hell to Bella's.

Oh God, please don't have anything happen to her.

Bella PoV

"Nope, sorry not happening." I said. I clinched the towel tighter around me, it was the only thing keep him from seeing all of me.

"You are mine." He growled and flashed in front of me.

I would've fallen on my bed if he wouldn't have caught me. I gasped at the feeling of his cold hand wrapped around my upper arm.

"You will be mine," He got in my face, "I don't care who I have to go through to get."

I shook with fear as he said that. Now, I just wasn't worried for my safety, I was worried about the pack and their imprintees and Charlie and Renee.

"You will not kill anyone." I whispered in fear.

"Why is that? Hmmm?" His minty breathe it my face.

"Because if you do, I will reject being your mate." I said. 'Just play along Bella' I thought. Just play along.

His eyes widened a fraction surprise at the revelation causing him to take a step back.

Just as he opened his mouth to retort we heard a very close howl. If he could turn paper than he already is he would.

"I would run if I were you." I tainted with a small smirk surfacing.

"This isn't over." He glared and just as he appeared out of nowhere. He was gone out of nowhere.

I got dressed real quick and opened the window just in time to be pulled into a bone crushing hug by my husband. I could hear the howls of the rest of the pack nearby as I was in my husband's embrace.

"I thought I lost you," he murmured into my hair.

"I'm not going anywhere." I replied back as I buried my face into his shoulder.

"Was- was he here?" He asked. I could feel him start to shake.

I pulled back from the bone crushing hug and looked up at Paul.

"Yes," I whispered, "he told me that I was his and he'd kill anyone to get to me."

Paul growled and pulled me in for another hug. I let him. He buried his face in my hair and squeezed me against his body

"I'm not letting him get you," he growled, "you are mine."

I moved my arms from his shoulders and looped them around his neck. I looked up at him and pulled his head closer to mine.

"I am all and only yours." I agreed before colliding my lips to his,

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