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NiallHorny: the next time that you two decide to fuck around in the kitchen please clean up your fucking mess.

TopTommo: what? we did lol.

NiallHorny: there is a spot on the chair that i know for sure isn't mayo!!!!

StylishStyles: sorry, niall. that was my fault lol. i should have blown him somewhere else.

NiallHorny: you think!? horny twats.

TopTommo: you're just jealous because you aren't getting any.

NiallHorny: you don't know my life.

TopTommo: i know that lauren seems like a very old fashioned girl. you gotta romance before you get in her pants.

NiallHorny: the fuck would you know? lmao. you kept sending harry nudes and shit even when he didn't like you.

TopTommo: i was romancing him.

StylishStyles: no you were just being a pervert lol.

Zayniac: andddd here we go. i'm going to go with the fact that louis doesn't romance. he sends nudes or at least that's how he used to be. harry, you have turned him into mush.

TopTommo: i may be soft but i'm still hard. 😏

LiamPayne: why are you like this?

TopTommo: because the world needed me.

Zayniac: eh lol.

TopTommo: shut up bitch!!!!

Harry laughed at his friends and put his phone down so he could make himself something to eat. Liam and Niall had gone out to pay some bills and bring some groceries home. Louis and Zayn were at work and Harry was happily sitting at home. He could go back to work any day now but he had been doing a lot of thinking about it.

He didn't know if he was going to go back at all. Ever since he started playing the guitar again and wrote that song for Louis he really wanted to get back into that and see if he really could go somewhere with it.

LiamPayne: niall just bought so much candy that my teeth are rotting out just looking at it.😖

NiallHorny: we are having a halloween party bitch. we need bunch of candy. some of this is for the kids who may come by.

StylishStyles: figure out what you're going to do for costumes?

LiamPayne: zayn wants to be batman.

NiallHorny: you be spiderman since you like to shoot out sticky stuff.


LiamPayne: i swear to god, niall lol. 


LiamPayne: but i might do a hero thing or something idk. i feel like that's cliche. 

StylishStyles: why don't you go as a boxer or something? get the low riding shorts, a pair of boxing gloves and paint some blood on your chest and shit. that'd be hot.

TopTommo: what would be hot harry?

StylishStyles: omg.😶

StylishStyles: i didn't mean anything! i just think that would suit liam a lot.

TopTommo: liam.

LiamPayne: yes?

TopTommo: i'm watching you.👀

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