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Jungkook and Officer Flora throw themselves into Jungkook's cruiser and speed off towards the scene of the crime. They had just gotten word of another bank robbery in the area, and being the star officers they are, they jumped out of their seats and raced outside into the night.

This time the robbery was at a smaller scale bank than before, leading Jungkook to think that it most likely wasn't y/n, but he could be mistaken.

He drove with reckless abandon, turning on his lights and racing past other cars as fast as he could. Even if it wasn't y/n doing the robbing, he would still catch the suspect, it's who he was.

They arrived at the bank in record time, ahead of everyone else by a good 10 minutes. The two officers took their time and decided to scout the area for clues and hints as to who is doing the robbing.

(random authors note but I just read a fiction w a pretty sad ending, so this chapter might not be as happy go lucky as the others, hehe, oops)

They scouted for a while spotting the getaway car parked near the back, driver at the ready. They see someone walk up to the car and say something to the driver, and the driver speeds off like he was never there.

"Well damn, at least they got a decent driver there." Officer Flora comments as they make their way back to the cruiser.

"Better than the average getaway driver, I can tell you that. That guy has some experience at driving really fast, I can tell." Jungkook responds, crouching behind a tree as a robber approaches their space.

Quick as lightning, Officer Flora kicks out her foot and trips the guy. He faceplants and Officer Flora handcuffs him immediately and throws him int he back of the car.

As if they were summoned, the backup police arrive and one of them take the newest prisoner to the, well prison.

All the police get into position, following Chief Jung's orders. Jungkook gets moved into the first unit to walk inside the bank, and Officer Flora is moved to the second unit.

Jungkook gets in position, ready to run inside that bank and open fire immediately, following the Chief's orders of course. They wait for a while to see if anyone comes out to greet them like y/n had, but nothing happens and Chief Jung says for them to run, so they run.

Jungkook kicks down the door and readys his weapon, then more officers pour in as Officer Flora takes up the charge in yelling.

"Heya, so how about we put our weapons down and walk over peacefully, yea?" she starts humorously, much to the annoyance of the Chief. "If you don't hand over all of the cash and weapons right now, we won't hesitate to shoot, okay? Okay."

She steps down and Jungkook steps up, they gave each other mental high fives before Jungkook started yelling.

"Drop the weapons and walk! Hands in the air where we can see them!" he says, pointing at the boy with his hands in his pockets. The boy quickly pulls his hands out and places them over his head, smiling for some odd reason.

Soon all of the robbers are in handcuffs and being taken outside, but then something unexpected happens. Jungkook can only watch as the wall of the bank facing east had been broken through.

In came the backup, they had knives and guns and were already taking out half of the officers at the scene at lightspeed. Jungkook pulls out his gun and starts firing into the crowd, knowing that all the officers were behind him. Though something caught his eye, or more like someone.

Officer Flora dashed into the enemy crowd, firing her gun and calculated angles, hitting every single person that she meant to hit. Her agility kept her from behind hit and she ran up and down and left and right to avoid being slashed at.

Just within 5 minutes, the girl had taken out half of the enemy while Jungkook had taken care of the other half. They walked towards each other to meet in the middle, but no one was prepared for what happened next.

All Jungkook felt was a sharp burst of pain behind his head, then nothing else as he blacked out.

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