Chapter 2- Marcus

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I slid down against the door, back to it, and the tears started gushing out of nowhere. I couldn't believe Will and I were done. I had really thought he was the one. We had done everything together, even gone to Paris once. But no, he had gone behind my back and cheated on me. Maybe he was drunk, but that doesn't mean he didn't cheat on me. I felt like the most used, hopeless person right now and I really needed some cheering up. As if on cue, the doorbell rang. I looked through the peeping hole to make sure it wasn't Will and then I felt myself relax. It was Marcus. Thank god. I flung open the door and stood there looking at him. His hands were holding a brown bag and he had a rucksack on his back. He had his Marky Butt Butt beanie on and he looked so handsome. Wait, what?

"Hey Nimbob, it cool if I stay here tonight? I figured you could use some cheering up." I nodded, trying to keep it together, and then burst into tears. Marcus held out his arms and I embraced him, sobbing my little heart out. "Come on, lets get you inside, it's freezing out here," he said. He grinned mischievously and then before I knew it I was hauled over his shoulder and carried into the room. He set me down on the sofa, staring at me. "What?" I asked. "Nothing, hey I brought food!" He said in a high pitched voice. "Oooh!! What did you bring, what did you bring?!" I squealed. "Chocolate, crisps and doughnuts and I also brought Frozen and Mean Girls because you left them at mine last time," he said and I hugged him tightly. "You're truly the best friend ever Marcus," I whispered. I felt his grip tighten around me and we stayed like that until Marcus decided it was time for a movie. We brought out my woolly blankets and I slid Mean Girls into the DVD player. We sat next to each other in a mess of blankets munching on food and laughing out heads off. I cuddled up to him saying," You're the best friend ever Marcus thank you." I drifted off and I heard Marcus whisper something but I didn't quite catch it as I shut my eyes.


I woke up to birds chirping and the smell of bacon in the kitchen. I stood up and walked into the kitchen where Marcus was stood cooking bacon and waffles. "Morning!" he said without looking at me. "Morning!" I replied, imitating him." So what's the plan for today?" I asked him. "Well I have a meeting at two and it's half past eleven now, so I'll leave at about half twelve to go home and get ready for that" he told me," But after that I'm free so you wanna hang out?" My heart skipped. "Yeah okay!" I replied. "I'll text Alfie and Zoe to see if they want to come?" "Sure!" We always hang out but since last night, well, I don't know I feel strange. Like I have nobody to love so a chance to do something with people feels nice. This would be fun.

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