※ Chapter 1: Origins ※

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               I push my self forward as hard as I can, knowing that I cannot stop. I run towards the Dark Forest hoping I can find shelter in it. At least ten soldiers are chasing after me for what they think I am. I reach the Dark Forest with it's pitch black colour. I keep running deeper into the darkness not knowing what will happen to me or what I will do.

                I am now deep into the forest finally able to rest. I rest my body on the hard bark of a tree leaning my head back and looking up, hoping that I will find a way to get my revenge, for the people that they killed. 

              So you might be wondering why I, Walcott, would be running from soldiers. It began two hours ago in my home. My father Kacper was sitting by the fire with his generals, discussing a plan to attack the near by villages. My father is a greedy man, wanting all the treasure in the world. He would kill for it. I was standing right out side the room, eavesdropping to see what their plan was. I would then tell the villagers the plan. 

               Before I could walk away with me knowing the plan the wood floor creaked from my foot steps. All the generals stopped and looked at the door.

"Who is there?", growled one of the generals.

"Walcott, Kacpers son", said Walcott. 

"You were eavesdropping weren't you boy?", said another general.

"No sir I wasn't , I just wanted the warmth of the fire", said Walcott.

"That's a lie, come here boy", said Kacper. 

                 I didn't think twice about running out the door, I went as fast as I could. All the generals got up and chased me, signalling the guards to chase me. As soon as I went out the house I ran for the tall grass hills hoping that it would hide me from there sight. I wasn't there that long time.

                    Before I could run away one of the generals grabbed my arm. He tried pulling me towards him, but I fought back and knocked him out. In my world, knocking a general out means death. There was no way for me to return to my home. By the time I reached the edge of the tall grass hills it was already mid night. They Generals had torches and I didn't. 

                     I couldn't see where I was going. I could see an outline of a forest, and the only forest that is around my home is the Dark forest. I ran straight towards it knowing that they would not follow due to what they fear is inside, lurking in the darkness, waiting to eat its prey.

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