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Chapter 4 - "I Need You"

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"Ugh.." I groaned, as I was woken up by someone shaking me. "Get up, I'm about to talk to the boys." I opened my eyes, recognizing my dad's deep voice. He's been really busy lately and hasn't been home for a few days. It's strange because the boys are here, and I thought he was just working with them right now, but I guess not. But then again, He never tells me anything anymore.

"So..?" I said, sitting up and looking at the clock. 12:45. I had slept half the day away. But I also didn't go to bed until around four, after me and the boys were done with our game of 'truth or dare'. The memories of last night came flooding back to me as I remembered this.

It was Harry's turn, and he choose me. "Truth or dare?" "Well, since none of you have had the guts to do it yet.. dare." Why was I so stupid? I should have known Harry would have come up with something evil to do. All I had to do was dance and then everything would have been fine. But no. I told him to choose another dare, and there was no turning back. Niall and I were stuck in a closet for 7 minutes, while the boys were outside making sure we didn't escape until our time was up. And to make things even worse, I told him I couldn't kiss him, and I didn't give him any reason why.

"There's some rules I need to tell the boys, and I need you to be there." He said replying to my confused look. "Whyy?" I wined, laying back down in my bed, pulling the covers up, before the covers were quickly pulled back down. "Get dressed and meet me in the living room." He said, leaving, before I could say anything back.

Deciding I had no choice, I sighed, getting up from my bed and making my way to my closet. I pulled out a pair of ripped jeans, then took a purple sweater that displayed the words 'Oh La La' on it, and quickly changed into them. Then, I dug in my closet for my favorite gray boots and slipped them on.


Once I was dressed, I went down the hall to the bathroom. Looking at myself in the mirror, I thought I would go out or something after my dad was done explaining his 'rules'. I pulled out my straighter from under the sink and plugged it into the wall, turning the heat to 365, and waiting for it to heat up. In the mean time, I started to apply some eye liner and mascara to my eyes, and a pink lip stick to my lips. I liked to keep things natural, so I didn't always wear a lot of makeup.

I heard a faint beep come from my straighter telling me it was ready. So I sectioned my hair and started to straighten it.

About 15 minutes later, I was pleased with the way I looked, and headed downstairs to the living room, where I could already hear the laughing and talking of the boys and my dad.

As I entered the living room, everyone got quiet. "What..?" I said with a confused look, making my way over to the empty spot on the couch. Luckily, the farthest away from Niall. "Nothing." Harry said winking at me. I rolled my eyes, knowing this had something to do about last night with me and Niall, then my dad started to talk.

"Okay, so I have a few rules I need you guys to know. If any of these rules are broken, you will be in serious trouble." I started to laugh at the way he was talking to us. "Something funny Megan?" My dad asked in a serious tone. I coughed, sobering up my laughter. "No. Sorry." "Okay. First rule, you need to attend every meeting or rehearsal, no exceptions." They all nodded, as I sat there wondering what I was even doing here. "Second, You will not answer any questions to the paparazzi when I am not present." The boys nodded again. "This includes you too Megan." My dad said, snapping me from my day dream. "What? Why?" I questioned. "Because if the paparazzi see you, they will know you are my daughter, and will try and ask you questions about One Direction." "Great.." I muttered under my breath. Another thing to remind me I'm not a normal teenager.

"Lastly, My daughter is off limits." My eyes went wide, and all the boys looked at me. I could feel my face slowly becoming red, so I looked to the ground avoiding eye contact. "Are we clear?" My dad said a little louder and more stern this time. "Yes sir." They all said in unison. "Good. We have to be at the studio tomorrow around 10, so make sure you're awake." My dad said, as he walked back into his room to do more work.

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