chapter eleven - potions, soft hair and a lovely game of chess

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"Ok, everyone, settle down now." Proffesor Slughorn called out as he walked into the noisy Potions classroom packed with Gryffindors and Slytherins. He wore his signature jovial grin that made his jaws quiver.

"To all my Slug Club members, a party will be held on the seventh of December. I expect to see all of you there." His eyes flitted over to Lily and Remus, who were sitting together at one of the desks, and then to Severus Snape.

Lily supressed a groan. This was one of the reasons she'd started playing Quidditch. Ever since second year, when Slughorn had apparently 'noticed her talent' in the 'art of Potion-making' as he'd described it, sipping on a firewhiskey, he'd chosen to invite her - along with Remus Lupin, Severus Snape and a few others - to what he called the Slug Club. There, he boasted to the attendees about all the famous people he knew, but they only ever payed attention if said famous people arrived.

"Now that we are all settled down," Slyghorn said. "I would like to start our lesson." He stood up from where he'd been sitting at his desk, dealing with a tiny bottle, and waddled to where everyone could see him. 

"I'm sure everyone here - especially the ladies - have heard of love potions?" A few girls and boys leaned forward eagerly but most just sunk back in their seats, looking bored.

"Who can tell me what the name of the love potion is?" Immediately, Lily, Remus, Snape, James and Caroline Charter (in Slytherin) had their hands in the air. A few other students looked as if they wanted to answer but were answer of the answer.

"The answer, Mr Lupin?" Slughorn said, grinning over at Remus.

"Their are many love potions sir, but one of the most commonly found ones, is called Amortentia. It smells differently to each of us accorfing to what attracts us." The whole class seemed to be interested now; they all watched as Slughorn waddled over to a table in front of his desk.

"Very good, Mr Lupin, just as I expected. Five points to Gryffindor." He clapped loudly, as if calling for attention, and quute a few people jumped, Lily among them.

"Five points," Slughorn called out. "To the person who can tell me what the potion would look like." Lily's hand shot up. She looked around, expecting to see the same hands as before, but found only hers up.

"When brewed correctly, Amortentia will be a pinkish colour and has a distinc mother-of-pearl sheen and steam rises from it in characteristic spirals. Another singular characteristic is its adaptive scent, which, like Remus said, will alter to appeal to the preferences of whomever inhales the aroma."

Slughorn grinned at her. "Precisely, Ms Evans!" He exclaimed.

He pulled a cauldron from one of the empty tables and plopped it down on his desk. The class all leaned forward for a look.

"Right," Slughorn called out. "Next time we see each other in class, we will proceed to brewing the potion. For now, are their any volunteers for smelling the potion?"

Marlene rolled her eyes at all the wary glances cast around and stood up, walking towards the potion carelessly. Honestly, it looked to Lily like she was saying. It's as if they're scared of love.

Marlene swept her hair back from her neck and rolled up her sleeves.

"Go, Marls!" Dorcas called out as if Marlene was in a duel. Lily couldn't help but to laugh.

Marlene swiftly bent forward so that her face was just an inch from the pinkish potion and then, closing her eyes, she inhaled the scent waiting for her.

For ten full seconds, the class sat in suspense, waiting for Marlene's reaction. Lily could basically picture it; she'd look unsurprised and explain it was just chocolate and brooms.

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