Chapter 15

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You peel your eyes open, squinting against the rays of sunlight stabbing in like daggers from the windows.

You had gotten less sleep this night, and it resulted in a throbbing headache. The clock read 8 AM, and you sighed into your pillow. Inhaling deeply, you jolt up abruptly on catching Taehyung's faint cologne smell. Shit...I'm on his bed

Fortunately, he's not there anymore. You head to the toilet and do your business, brushing and refreshing yourself. It's only then you realise the slight marks on your collarbone, not prominent but not unnoticeable either. If someone looked at you up close, they'd realise. You leave your hair open, as it cascades down your shoulders in waves, deeming a decent disguise.

Flushing hot at the memory, you splash cold water onto your face to cool yourself. After getting dressed, you head downstairs.

''Y/N...'' You bump into Taehyung who's face contorts into a massive scowl of annoyance. His hair is muffled messily, and he flicks the bangs out of his eyes.

''Just look-'' he pointed to the bottom of his neck where a pinch mark was apparent ''-at that! Feel it, it's like so swollen...''

Namjoon pops up from behind, eyes widening. ''Is that a hickey?'' he demands, voice so sharp it cut through the room like a knife.

''No! A mosquito bite'' Taehyung shrugs, as the older smacks his head.

''Don't lie to me, kid'' he shakes his head sighing. You grin at Taehyung and stick your tongue out, and he returns it with a cute scowl.

Taehyung suddenly disappears from your field of vision after being karate-kicked away and Jungkook now stands in his place, a cheeky grin etched into his features. ''Is Tae being an ass as usual?''

You purse your lips from laughing and nod. ''Where did you even come from?''

''I'm your superhero...'' he smiles sheepishly like a bunny. ''so I come to your rescue-''

Jungkook chokes on air as Taehyung's arm traps him into a headlock. ''okay bitch I'm sorry-'' Jungkook gasps as he lets go and they both tackle each other to the floor giggling.

''You're an asshole you know-''

''You're the shit that comes out of an asshole-''

''HE'S the asshole, right Y/N?'' Jungkook asks you, pointing to Taehyung who was held captive on the floor.

You shake your head. ''If I wanted to hear from both you assholes, I'd fart. Now get the fuck up before we're late to school, mandems!''

''where did she learn that word?'' Taehyung whispers to Jungkook and the latter shrugs.


Striding into class 30 minutes late like a bunch of delinquents, the three boys and Y/N take a seat. The teacher sighs, proceeding with the lesson. As your eyes dart around the classroom, you see no sign of Jackson.

Jisoo watches you dubiously, her eyes squinted in thought. As her gaze locks with yours, her expression contorts into a welcoming one and she greets you warmly. You reciprocate in the same manner, seating yourself beside her.

''Say, can I ask you something...Y/N?'' Jisoo pops, as you give her a comprehensive look. ''Sure?''

''Do you know them...'' her eyes darted to Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung swiftly. ''....outside of school?''

Your eyebrows arch inquisitively, and you ponder for a moment choosing your words closely. ''Nope. Just friends''

She nods in response, refocusing her gaze back to the front. You wonder momentarily why she had assumed such a thing.

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