Chapter 22 - Strange Subjects

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Isabella glanced at the mirror after dressing herself with the sweatpants and large shirt. Her cheeks were a bit pinkish than the days before and her hair wasn't behaving like usually but she looked good, at least she thought she did. Her hair was still wet from the shower, and she just decides to leave it for a few minutes. The weather seemed to be a bit cooler than normal when she woke up and the house was calm as always. She wanted to enjoy that for a few seconds before the usual breakfast.

Bella gives a deep sigh when her warm feet feel the cold floor in her room. It was funny how her bedroom became so warm for her, it felt like home lately. She hugged the book she took from one of Daniel' shelves, she definitely was enjoying the comic romance recommended by Emilia the day before.

Bella's breath hitch in her throat when her brown orbs catch the red vivid colorful mix above her bed. A red bouquet of roses and a small black shiny box laid above the red wine blanket, making Bella smile wider, her heart beating faster when she spots the card inside the large bouquet.

"May your day be as beautiful and bright as your smile when you see these... Don't forget to open the little box. ;) "

  - Daniel

She inhale the roses holding them tight against her heart beating fast. Daniel was changing, and he was becoming more docile and romantic towards her, something she didn't specifically expected, not with Daniel at least.

Bella doesn't lose any second as she takes the small box from the bed, replacing it with the bouquet. In the middle is placed a giant diamond ring that probably costs more than her lungs in the black market. It looked stunning and apparently it was hers, but why would Ricciardo give her a ring? Of course he had money to spend, and he does whatever he wants with his money but buy her a ring? That didn't fit into Bella's mind, for her he had no reasons to do so. Or maybe it was just a way to spoil her and show her he was capable of doing everything and buying her everything he wanted. If he spent such amount of cash it had to be for a good reason, or because he wanted to.

"Tried to find something brighter than you, but nothing can outshine that beautiful smile you have, Isabella. I hope you like it as much as I do and I hope it steals that beautiful smile of yours. Sadly I can't be there to see it now..."

- Daniel

Bella's mouth fell open as she read 2,3,4 times the same card. Was this the same Ricciardo who rejected her a few months ago? Was this the same guy who humiliated her just a few days? Was this the guy who basically runs the mafia? It was unreal!

She placed the diamond beauty on her ring finger watching the small yet shiny object doing his magic. It did look unreal, it felt nice for once. Bella felt as someone cared, as if he cared finally and she needed to see him before he left that morning, just to thank him. Bella rushed out of the room closing the door shut as she paced through the long corridor, almost running into the wall when she spotted the stairs, finally.

Bella stopped on her tracks when she heard different voices coming from the living room, unfortunately her presence being felt in the exact moment she turned her back to leave before she was... Called...

"Hello dear, Finally I'm going to meet the famous lady everyone is talking about except my own son!" she glared at his son walking upstairs to where Bella was, she being forced to turn around blushing hard and look at the woman. She was in her mid 50's, her brown vivid eyes had a vivid hazel mix, her dark curls looked exactly like Daniel's, hers in her shoulder length. The lady had the exact same features as Daniel, she looked stunning and had a warm big smile. She wondered if Daniel had the same big smile as this lady, she really wished she had seen him smile, truly smile. " Wow You're so beautiful, she's so beautiful honey oh!"

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