Chapter 34

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"Answer the damn question!" the King yelled. 

Putting her hand up, he froze in his tracks. Zeroing on her eyes, there was something different about them. They seemed different, there was something else inside. "She's not herself." 

"How do you know?" 

"Look at her eyes." 

In a rage, Angus ripped the door to the cell open. Roughly grabbing her hair, he screamed in her face. "How fucking dare you betray your kin? You useless whore!"

Immediately, Quill and several others pried the disgruntled brother away from his sister. All the while he was kicking and screaming at her. 

"Take him outside!" 

Dragging him outside, Aylin froze in her tracks when the woman in the cell started cackling. "He's coming for you. Be prepared. He won't stop until you're his." 

Meeting up with the others outside, Ezekiel had Angus pinned to a nearby tree in hopes to calm him down. One brief glance, and she could see that it wasn't going well. The warriors had the two surrounded, ready to pounce if the Delta made a run for it. He kept screaming, and bellowing to be let go, demanding revenge. 

Weaving her way through the men, Quill was the last one before she reached the King. "Don't. He's liable to blow up at any time." 

Smiling gently at her friend, she continued forward putting an hand on the King's arm. Gazing down at her, Ezekiel wasn't quite sure what the goal was, but he loosened his grip slightly. The last thing he wanted was for his Queen to be injured by an angry werewolf. 

"Angus," she said, softly. He only grunted in response. "It's not your fault. There was nothing you could have done to change her actions; she would have committed her crime, regardless." Pausing, she could see his features soften slightly. "You did the right thing, standing by your King. Now, will you do the right thing, and stand by me?" Placing both her hands on Ezekiel's arms, he took the hint to release the Delta.

Taking a couple steps back, Angus released a thundering roar. When the warriors were going to restrain him, Aylin put her hand up, stopping them. She shook her head, letting them know it was okay for him to continue. 

"He's entitled," the King added. 

After allowing him to unleash his fury, Angus stood to his feet, facing the King, Queen, and warriors. Getting down on one knee, he bowed his head in submission. "This was my failing as her older sibling. I didn't keep a close enough eye on her. I was too consumed in trying to make the pack better, and pushed her onto you, Your Majesty." Ezekiel clenched his fists at the revelation. "In regards to the Queen, the disrespect I showed you cannot be undone, and if you wish--"

"That's enough," Aylin cut him off. "It's true, maybe your previous actions were...undesirable. But it seems to me, you've learned, and understood the error of your ways. I can't speak for the King, but I know that I can forgive you."

"You've served me for a long time, Angus. You've been someone I could turn to, someone who always had the pack's best interest at heart. Not once did you steer me wrong. I suppose I can also thank you for allowing Aylin to live, when you knew the law. As for the matter with your sister, I don't know...."

Furrowing her brow, Aylin whipped her head to her mate. "Zeke?" 

"It's still a crime," he stated. "There's only one thing he can do." 

The air around them became tense enough to slice with a knife. Aylin held her breath; she was afraid he would go back to the days when something like this would be punishable by death. Suddenly, stories from when she was in the Dark Moon Pack flooded her mind. 

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