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It had been a few weeks since Kaminari had talked to Sero. Besides the lack of communication, they still were friends.
Kaminari decided that their distance was for the best, for him at least.


3 weeks earlier...

The final class bell had rung, every student shoving their way out of their classrooms. The hallway becoming crowed from people stopping to speak to eachother, or just simply trying to get by.
Kaminari moved his way through everyone to try and find his friend, Kirishima. While trying to find the red head, he walked past a familiar raven haired boy.
Talking to a girl, those two seem really fond of eachother.

Time seemed to of slowed down in the couple of seconds that he had walked by for. His throat became dry, a cough soon to come.
In dire need to breathe properly, he began coughing, petals and blood coming from his mouth.

Kaminari looked at his hand in horror and ran to the nearest bathroom,
'Am I dying?'
He thought to himself, flower petals and blood weren't things that would often come from your body.


Kaminari had visited his doctor the following weekend, to only find out that he had a disease named Hanahaki. The disease wasn't very common, nor was it unheard of, there had been many cases of it.

Although, if he didn't get the disease cured or get the surgery, he'd run the risk of it getting worse then, kill him.

Now, Kaminari won't lie, death wasn't the worse thing to hear as a possibility. Besides that, he didn't want to die in such a painful way.
He didn't know what he was going to do about his disease, he already knew who caused it, and why he has it.
Just what would he do about it?


The blonde lied on his bed, his phone next to his head. Normally, he would be joking around in the Bakusqaud group chat, but no one seemed to be on.
His phone buzzed rather loudly, causing Kaminari to exit from his thoughts. He grabbed his phone and checked his notifications

Hey, we haven't had an actual conversation in awhile. Mind if I come over?

Kaminari stared at the message blankly for a moment, then clicked on the message and started writing his response.

Kaminari (typing):
Sure, im down.

He quickly deleted his text, remembering that if Sero were to find out about him having Hanahaki.
The world would fall apart.
Not literally, but y'know.

His phone buzzed again

Are you okay Kami?

Kaminari felt the petals and blood slowly creep up, he dropped his phone and ran to his bathroom, coughing out more and more petals.

Slowly, breathing became difficult, almost anytime he would inhale he'd cough up more.

He let his body go limp as he sat down next to his toilet, taking in slow shallow breaths. He closed his eyes gently and drifted off to sleep, his sleepiness taking over him. 

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