And you have always been the only one I've wanted (One Direction)

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Hey guys!!


Chapter 2:

Okay I thought I was excited, but not this excited! My whole freakin body was shaking as I sat inbetween ash and Kate. I mean, I never get this excited. Okay, maybe I was shaking because we were so high up. This isn't one of those stories that are unrealistic and we don't have front row seats and VIP passes backstage. Do you know how much those cost?? We are not millionaires here people!!

So we were really high up.

And I mean REALLY high up.

We were eight rows down from the absolute top row and I'm telling you, if I took one step forward I would fall down 4 stories and die on the concrete. Eww.

At least I wasn't the only overly excited one. Kate was talking so fast it sounded like she was speaking a different language and was bouncing up and down looking like she was about to pee in her pants. While ash, oh ash was sitting like she was bored out of her mind and complaining that the concert hadn't started yet. I mean come on at least you're here. Be greatful!

Finally, some video was playing on the jumbo screens on both side of the stage showing a music video by some guy named olly murs. By the look on all three of our faces we were all thinking the same thing. Who the heck is he?!

"Whoa!! Hot guy! Finally, some entertainment! I wanna go see him in concert!" Ashley exclaimed.

While ash was watching the video with googlely eyes. Me and Kate had busted out in laughter. Oh Ashley, only you would freak out because of a hot guy.

I mean he was okay but he could really sing.

After the video, the lights dimmed and a girl looking like one of the pink marshmellows came on stage. The cheering stopped as soon as all the girls realized it wasn't one direction.

Oh and I don't mean the girl on stage was fat by calling her a marshmellow, I meant that she was skinny but she was wearing a dress that was puffed out that was completely pink making her look like an idiot in my opinion.

And to make things worse, she started to sing and sounded like one of the chipettes from Alvin and the chipmunks.

Kill me now.

About 5 minutes later it was thankfully over, then the guy ash thought was hot came onstage.

The next thing you know, Ashley was up and cheering her head off while everyone around her including me and Kate looked at her like she was crazy . Which she is but that's besides the point:)

Come on already! Get to one direction people!

After olly the trolley was done singing for 15 minutes. (haha I like that olly the trolley) :)

The lights came back on and people began coming on and off the stage setting it up.

(sorry guys I know this is boring but stay with me and it will all be better when they meet the boys)

All the crazy girls in the stadium would scream there heads off even if a guy came on the stage hoping it was one of the from 1D.

Goodbye ear drums. I will give you a proper funeral when I get home-_-

This was a sold out concert okay?? And the seats in front us were still empty. If no one came in and sat in them we already decided we would sit there instead. So we were hoping no one showed up.

But no. Nothing could go right for us right?

The next thing you know, like 6 girls that looked like they were 10 wearing matching outfits and huge signs came in and sat in front of us.

Could this get any worse?

Oh yeah, they wouldn't shut up!!

Ok now I'm bored. And watching the girls in front of us was just ticking me off. I mean they brought beach balls! And not normal size beach balls, they were huge. They probably came up to my waist in size and I'm 5'7 so that's pretty huge. Also they started writing on them and putting their names and phone numbers on them.-_- okay you guys are 10 MAYBE. I'm pretty sure thats like illegal, they are not gonna call you guys!!

Sadly, I guess I'm the only one realizing because Kate was about to ask them if we could put our numbers on it because they were gonna throw the beach balls onstage.

Come on Kate. Really??

Suddenly, a guy from security came over and told them to deflate them.

Thank god!! Someone with common sense.

And just when I was at the point of practically killing myself.

The lights went out.

And the cute boys appeared.

Sorry it's soo boring just stay with it.

I promise it will get better. I got plans:)

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