This Can't Be Reality...

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Art by KamiKnight on DeviantArt

Jack's POV

     I wake up with my head against a hard surface. Slowly pulling myself up, I squint as what I was laying on. Mark layed in front of me, his red hair tangled on top of his head. He layed peacefully with a slight smile on his face.
     So cute... This is probably the most peaceful I've ever seen him. Looking at him closer, I slowly move my hand to his face, laying it on his cheek. His beard was shaved perfectly, his skin was smooth, was it shinning a little? I shake my head, Okay, I must be dreaming. How does he look so cute and perfect? I gaze at him a little longer, caressing his cheek, before slowly getting up and looking around.

     Finally taking in my surroundings fully, "yeah, there is no way this is reality..."

    I hear movement behind me and before I could react, I feel strong arms wrap around me.

     "Are you sure that this isn't reality," a deep, raspy voice says in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

     Mark's arms hold me a little tight but still loose enough to show that he just woke up. Turning my head slightly, his hair stands out to me first. It's still tangled but looks as if he tried to smooth it down. His eyes are slightly darker than usual, but their gaze is softly laid on me. 

Hey pups! Sorry this one is short... My mindset is still bad so I can't really continue this. It's hard to tell if I'll get better anytime soon, if I ever do. I'm so sorry again. Anyways, rest well little ones

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