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Randy and a mystery guy stood in the cool night air at the gazebo getting ready to fight. I was stunned. "Who is that?" I asked Tina.

"I think that's Randy and his friend. Randy looks drunk as fuck" Tina said.

"He sure does. Damn. What do you think is going to happen?" I asked, not taking my eyes off that slender guy with the light brown hair and olive skin.

"I'm going to fuck you up," Randy said.

"I don't know what your problem is, but you are drunk." the mystery guy said.

"You. You are my problem. You know how long I have been wanting to hang out with them. Why did you have to pick her? I was going to pick her. How am I supposed to get into the group?" he sounded desperate and drunk.

"I don't know what you are talking about." mystery guy spat.

"I'm going to fuck you up," Randy said.

"Go ahead, punch me right here." mystery guy said as he lifted his shirt showing his washboard abs. I salivated. Sexy.

Randy looked at him. Neither of them could see us from where we stood in the dark.

"Don't say I didn't warn you," Randy called as he ran towards mystery guy and punched him so hard that Randy fell forward losing his balance. Mystery guy caught him and held him up. "Go home, and get some sleep.," he said.

"Fuck you" Randy chimed as he began to hurl over the side of mystery guys arm. A light flickered overhead and I could make out his face. His eyes, deep sea blue flickered. Could he see me? I thought he saw me for a moment until I noticed two girls walking towards them. One of the females calls to him "Charlie, come on."

"Yeah, I'm coming," he said. "What about him?"

"I'll get him," the other said.

"Yeah, thanks," Charlie said and proceeded to walk away with the female.

"Who was that?" I asked Tina.

"I'm pretty sure that's his girlfriend," she said.

"His girlfriend huh?" I asked. My mind was already racing. This guy, this mystery guy with the deep sea blue eyes. He needed to be mine. I felt like I had seen him before but I couldn't place it. There was something about him that was familiar.

What did that girl call him just now? I was going to find out. I needed to find out even if he had a girlfriend. After all, I had my own options. I had Jeremy. Yet, I felt a pull to want to know more about this guy. Even if I couldn't be with him I needed to know him. That would be good enough. For now.

The next morning, I saw him sitting at the gazebo. His eyes glimmered in the sun, hazel. Hazel? I wondered to myself, I thought they were blue? It was his face that was undeniable. The youthful yet masculine features pulled me in and I found myself wanting to spend more time with him. At this point in time, I still hadn't made the connection that this was the Charlie from the movies.

All I knew, was that I liked what I saw. I didn't even know his name. It wasn't like I wanted to be his girlfriend or anything. OK, so maybe I did but I'd never admit to it. I just wanted to know more about him. This masculine, strong stranger with the hazel eyes. It didn't take long for me to discover that this guy was Charlie.

Randy had come over and started talking to us. He chatted about the movie and Charlie engaged in the conversation.

"That was fun right Charlie" he turned to look at him.

"Yeah" Charlie replied. His eyes looking at me and I was staring a little too much at him.

"Didn't you have green eyes?" I asked him.

"Uh, my eyes are Hazel. Sometimes people say they are blue, sometimes green but they are hazel," he responded.

"Hazel...I see. They are beautiful either way."

He tinged a little red on his cheeks "Thanks"

I couldn't help but smile. Charlie, with the hazel eyes that change color. How unique. How interesting. How extraordinary.

We began to spend time together. As we spent more and more time together I noticed that he was never with his girlfriend. One day I decided to ask him.

"How come you never spend any time with your girlfriend?"

"Girlfriend?" he said sounding perplexed. "I don't have a girlfriend."

I grew annoyed. I hate liars. "Your girlfriend, the girl you are going out with. What's her name with the long black hair." I said.

"Do you mean Katie?"

"Yeah, Katie, what's the deal there?" I asked.

"Katie is NOT my girlfriend. She is a friend that is a girl," he replied.

I was got pretty unhappy and felt my temper rising. "I don't appreciate liars. I was already told that you and this Katie were an item so why don't you cut the shit. Why are you hiding this from me?" I asked in an accusatory tone.

"I have nothing to hide and you can ask her for yourself if you don't believe me. I am not dating Katie."

"I will ask her," I said. I wanted him to know that I would ask her and he didn't seem fazed at all. It was fortuitous that she had just so happened to be heading down towards the gazebo at that very moment.

"Look it here, she is coming."

"Good," he said.

I rolled my eyes. I'll ask her alright.

"Katie, it is good to see you," I said.

"You too?" she responded not sure how to answer.

"Katie, are we dating?" Charlie asked her before I could.

"What?" she asked. "What the fuck are you asking me?"

"Cathy here said that someone told her that you and I are dating. I wanted to ask you in front of her if you think we are dating," he said.

She smiled as the realization of what was happening settled in on her.

"Nope, we are not dating, never have, never will be. He's been interested in someone else since the moment he laid eyes on her." she winked.

I didn't know what that wink was supposed to mean but she had only made it worse. His face turned beet red and she smiled at me and left the gazebo.

"Someone else eh?" I said.

"Yup." was all he said.

This guy was so frustrating but so different that I couldn't stay angry at him. Fine, I decided, if his heart belonged to someone else I will take his time. As long as he was willing to spend time with me I was happy.

My friends noticed me spending more time with him and invited him to join them. I asked him if he wanted to hang out with me and my friends and he agreed. It was more of an,

"I'm not sure if your friends are my kind of people but if you want me to go I'll go" kind of response but I took it.

We ended up going bowling and we were having a great time. It had been about 2-weeks that he and I spent every day together. We made a bet that I knew I had a good chance of losing. It went against my core believes to make a bet I thought I could lose but this bet didn't feel like losing.

If he beat me at bowling I would sleep with him. If I won, he would be my slave for a day. Talk about win-win. He won and that meant I was going to have to have sex with him. Oh, the tragedy. Just kidding.

In all the time I spent with him, I never once thought about Jeremy. This was a great day for me. Spending all that time with him really did something to me.

I wanted to be with him. I wanted to be around him. I wanted to feel him inside of me. I wanted more, I wanted everything that he was willing to give and tonight I would have it.

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