Chapter 6| Snow

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Annabelle P.O.V

My eyes collided with chocolate dark orbs, his hand still stretched out.

Yet I was lost in these pools of mischievousness, the corners of his eyes pulled and tilted upwards giving him the impression of a cat. His cherry lips perked from the sides, his nose sharp and structured, his hair dark and silky soft.

"Done checking me out, snow?" His eyes danced in playfulness, and I just blushed, avoiding his hand and standing up by myself.


"Your skin is so fair, reminded me if snow." He lifted his hand to caress my cheek, but I stepped back, feeling uncomfortable. Shouldn't he not touch people so casually?

"Woah, okay. Sorry." He lifted his hands up in defence, and I just looked at him shyly through my lashes, feeling a bit intimidated as to why he is approaching me while everyone is clearly saying all those things about me, or does he want to mess with me too?

"We should really stop bumping into each other like that, though." He chuckled, showing his pearly teeth. And I just stared at him, my eyes slightly widening when I remembered who he was, he was the dude who was with Saif the other day. His asian features clicked back in my mind again, how had I not noticed this earlier?

I backed away from him.

Anything associated with Saif is something I don't want to be associated with. I awkwardly nodded at him as a thanks for trying to help me earlier, my eyes still piercing through him carefully, I still don't trust him.

I don't trust anyone at school.

"Hold up, why the rush?" He called out, his long legs eating at my footsteps as he followed me through the hallways until he reached to next to me and I just hung my head low, hiding my face with my long black hair. I fastened my pace in hope that he would get the hint, but he just fastened his pace, and I walked even faster until I was running.

And he was running next to me.

"Why are we running?" He shouted as we sped through the hallways to God knows where, and I just groaned in my head, stopping in my tracks, and he stopped with me, his eyes fixed on me as that smile never left his lips. I just brushed my loose strands behind my ear.

"Well, what a morning workout." He chuckled, and I just shifted on my legs. Why is he talking to me? Why is he following me? I don't even know him for muffin's sake! I just licked my lips, feeling awkward, and a bit tired from running while I was already short on breath because of this cold.

I sneezed.

"Bless you." He chuckled again, and I just blushed nodding in thanks. As we started moving again, and the students eyes followed us everywhere, whispering as they eyed us stroll through the hallways. "You don't talk much, do you?" He started again, and I just shrugged.

And you just talk too much, don't you?

I sighed, kicking a random paper that was on the floor as I turned around to go to my history class that this nosy boy was trying to distract me from going to. We just walked in silence, and the gazes on us became heavier and heavier until I couldn't take it. I pulled my note pad out of my bag and scribbled quickly, showing him.

'Um, why are you following me?'

He just laughed a bit, before shrugging. "I can't let a cute girl slip out of my grip." He winked, and I just frowned. Great, a playboy is all I needed right now. I just tried to ignore him as I walked faster to my class.

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