Chapter: 24 Giant Nanny

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"I am not liking that smile on your face," he says looking warily at me.

  "You are going to help me in getting rid of Victor," I grin creepily at him.  

"I am not going to seduce Victor," he shouts looking horrified and shakes his head.

His horrified expression is hilarious, I can't stop the laughter that erupts from me. I burst out laughing and fall from the stool. I rub my left side which hurt from the fall. He quickly kneels beside me looking concerned. 

I try to sit up and groan as I put pressure on my left side, but I can't control my laughter as images of him seducing Victor starts to play in my mind. I can't help it, I have a very vivid imagination. Taking deep breaths, I try to get hold of my laughter fit. Wiping my tears, I find Nathan sitting patiently on the floor beside me with a small smile playing on his lips.

"Only you can laugh when you are hurt," he shakes his head with an amused smile.

"I have years of practice to laugh when I am in pain," I smirk and flick my hair playfully," It is my hidden talent to smile through the tears."

"Sorry," I mumble looking down when I see his face turns extremely serious," bad joke."

"So, now tell me what is on your mind?" he looks at me expectantly.

"Images of you seducing Victor," I bit my lip, as I can feel another round of laughter bubbling up inside me.

He narrows his eyes and playfully glares at me.

"You are going to drop me at the club," I point at him, "If you are going with me then there is no need for Victor to tag."

"Only on one condition," He smirks, "I am not going to just drop you and leave, but I will come with you."


"I don't have any plans for today I will be bored at home, so I will have fun with you," he shrugs.

"I don't think you can have fun with me," I shake my head and raise my finger, "Just to clarify, I can't provide you that kind of fun."

"Geez girl, pull your head out of the gutter," he jokingly scolds.

"I am talking about normal clean fun, which friends have," with a lopsided smile he adds," If you want we can have that type of fun too."

"In your dreams," I scoff.

"I will do much more things in my dream, than just having fun with you," he winks as he stands from the floor and lazily walks away.

"I will strangle you with my own hands in your dreams too," I shout gritting my teeth, he definitely hears me, as his laughing sound echoes from the hallway.


Rest of the day went by just me lazying around, but the whole day my mind was practically buzzing with excitement. After so long I will get a carefree night, without worrying about anything, a night where I am just going to enjoy with my friends. A small part of me is excited at the prospect of Nathan coming with me.

I change into black full sleeves bodycon dress, which hugs my curves perfectly, the hem of the dress reaches my mid thigh. I paired my dress with black stilettos, which adds a few inches to my height. After finishing my makeup, I run the brush through my hair and letting them hang loosely over my shoulder.

Sitting in the living room I surf through the TV channels as I wait patiently for Nathan to come down. When I hear his footsteps I quickly turn off the TV and walks to him. He stops in mid-stride when his eyes land on me. Smug look forms on my face when I catch his eyes scanning over my body with the slow glance. 

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