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We left the movies and Randy continued to dominate my attention. To my both shock and awe Jeremy was still standing right where I left him. Only this time he was prepared.

Did he seriously stand there for 2-hours?

"How you doing?" he said to me cooley.

"I'm doing well and yourself?" I asked.

"This your boyfriend?" he said pointing to Randy and not giving me time to respond, "You could do better." his eyes heated up when he made the comment.

"She's plenty happy here buddy." Randy chimed in. I shot him a glare but didn't dispute him. I'll let him have this. Besides, it serves to my benefit. Jeremy's eyes flashed something. Jealousy.

"Is she?" Jeremy said. His voice trailed off.

Charlie was standing on the other side of me and he leaned in and asked: "Who is this guy?"

"He's my ex," I said flatly.

"For now," Jeremy responded.

"Dude, give it up, she's with me now," Randy said a little more enthusiastically than he should have.

"We'll see," he said to Randy.

Turning his face towards me he said, "I'll be in touch beautiful" and he turned with his friend and walked away.

I watched him walk away and my ovaries ached. Damn that man and his perfect body and amazing cock.

Would I really never get to feel him inside of me again? He wants me back but I never go backward.

Yet, I'm single, I deserve to be able to get a good fucking in whenever I want. I should be able to take him back. I could create tougher rules. That's a good possibility. God.

Maybe I should say goodbye to everyone, chase after him and let him take me where we stood. My core ached for his touch, to feel him inside of me. I'm in trouble.

I yearned to wrap my legs around him as he pounded into me. Orgasm after orgasm, the guy was a god in the bedroom and he made me feel like a goddess.

Plus, the way I would make his toes curl and his head arch back in pleasure when I kissed him, it made me feel powerful. The way his hands grazed the tips of my nipples as his mouth hungrily consumed them.

I was growing moist just thinking about the things he did to my body when we were together. My mind couldn't help but float back to being with him. I thought about when I shared his bed.

The silent way he would brush a strand of hair away from my face when he went to kiss my forehead as he pushed into me deeper and deeper filling my soul. He left me breathless.

His kisses were wet and filled with promise and when I was there, in his bed, there was nowhere else I would rather be. When I rode him he grabbed hold of my breasts and caressed them so gently that my body melted.

He would lift his torso so that he was sucking them. Giving each breast its own individualized attention and then he would attack my mouth.

I rode harder and faster in response to his assault. All of my senses were heightened and all I could think about was that moment, in his arms, in his bed with his mouth on mine and his cock firmly planted inside of my pussy. I milked him completely. We both lay on the bed flushed from pleasure. It would take me a few minutes to pull myself together.

"Stay the night," he would say when we climaxed.

"I can't. You know that isn't allowed" I replied.

"They never check."

"Just my luck, tonight would be the first. Besides, I have to go meet my friends at the bar"

"Why do you hang out with them?" he asked.

"I enjoy their company. They are fun." I said.

"And you don't mind being The Bitch of this group?" He asked.

"Well...I don't like it and I don't dislike it. I am what I am." I said flatly.

"You aren't a Bitch. You should stay. Spend some time with me and my friends." he held me and kissed my lips.

"I don't want to be a tag along. I want to have something of my own." I replied.

"What's mine is yours. Isn't that how relationships go?" he asked.

"Maybe," I said kissing him. "For now, though, I have to go. They are waiting for me. I had fun tonight." I said giving him another kiss.

"Me too," he said holding me tighter.

He let me go and I finished getting ready and exit his bedroom. Some of Jeremy's roommates were standing on the other side of the door.

"Way to go, Jeremy! I heard her screaming from all the way down the hall. You dirty dog you." It was meant to be my walk of shame, I think, but fuck it, I enjoyed myself.

"This guy is a master in the bedroom I am surprised I didn't wake up the entire dorm. I can't wait to taste him again."

They all stood stunned by my comment. Finally, one of them breaks from the hold I placed him under and was like "Damn bro, she's a keeper."

He smiled "I know," he said smiling. "Goodnight beautiful," he said to me.

"Goodnight lover, I'll see you soon," I said winking and waving my hand to say goodbye to the others. I would become a welcome addition to their dorm.

They enjoyed my screams but it was only Jeremy that had me undone. The way he controlled my body was magical. The way he made me feel things. Bliss.

I'm brought back from my thoughts as I watched him walk away with his buddy. Those words he said were so filled with promise. It left me feeling a way I couldn't describe.

Would I really be willing to go back to him? The answer wasn't clear.

A part of me thought 'absolutely', the other part of me thought, 'never again'. I'd only seen Jeremy as someone who would satisfy an itch.

Yet, who would help me to resolve myself today with the Christian that I used to be? If I wasn't in a committed relationship with someone while having sex with them wouldn't it be a sin? I wasn't in the church any longer but the church stilled ruled my actions.

Jeremy was walking in the oppositive direction of our group. We had already started to walk back up the hill, there was no turning back now. Not if I wanted to keep my pride. No, I would continue my trek up the hill thinking about what it would be like to be in Jeremy's arms.

As we walked Randy consumed my time. I hadn't even realized that Charlie had fallen back. Once we got to the top of the hill and back to the gazebo he was nowhere to be found and if I am being honest, I hadn't looked for him either. He didn't even say goodbye to me when it was over. I had forgotten about him, I'll admit.

That is, until the night when I saw him about to fight Randy at the gazebo.

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