Chapter 32

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Getting dressed, the two headed down to the throne room before they went to the outdoor   area where the whole pack would be present. The entire time, Aylin was sweating, wondering what would happen when Ezekiel announced that he found his Luna. These wolves were aware of the severity with which the King ruled. It wouldn't be unusual for them to dislike the girl, thinking she wasn't good enough for the pack. 

Quill greeted them in the throne room, with a slight scowl on his face. "You two are late."

Keeping her head down, Aylin allowed Ezekiel to do the talking. "We're here, so shut it." 

Unable to contain the snort of laughter in her throat, she covered it with a cough. "Sorry, something caught in my throat." 

Rolling his eyes, Ezekiel walked ahead of them outside, "Are you ready, Aylin?" 

"Not in the least," she admitted to the warrior. 

"Don't worry. You'll be fine; I'll be by your side. Zeke will go out first and address everyone." 

Turning the corner, there was a large stage in front of the three of them, with a dark red curtain between the pack members and backstage. All the voices in the crowd were overwhelming, even from a distance. The only good thing was that she couldn't see how many people there were. But that gave her more anxiety wondering just how many people would see her. 

The instant the King took the stage, howls resounded through the air. Dying down after a few moments, Ezekiel spoke. "Members of the Royal Outland Silver Blood Pack, I stand before you with news, both good and bad. First, and foremost, I'm here to announce that I've found my Luna, and Queen." Again, howls rang through the air. "She came to us unexpectedly, but I trust you will treat her with the same reverence and respect as you have always shown me."

Quill was having trouble convincing Aylin to take the stage, but reluctantly she did. Stepping out, there were so many faces in the crowd. Hundreds, maybe thousands. Although, that could have been her imagination running wild. 

Stretching his arm out, Aylin closed in on the King. Taking his hand in hers, they stood side by side in front of the entire pack. "This is Aylin Turner, my mate, Luna, and Queen." For a brief moment, there was deafening silence. Suddenly, low grade howls sounded, which ended in the entire pack howling in respect for their new Queen. 

Aylin's heart swelled hearing her new pack come around to her. Squeezing Ezekiel's hand, she looked up at him, tears in her eyes. When the howls subsided, every pack member, in unison, kneeled. Dumbstruck, Aylin looked to her mate. "You're the Queen now," he said. 

"Rise, everyone." Ezekiel's voice echoed through the air. Standing to their feet, all eye were trained on the pair. "Another threat looms. Some of you may recall the war my father fought against the demons, years ago. Demons have set their sights on this pack, again." Murmurs started in the crowd. "This time, I will not rest until every single demon that plagues this world is dead. They've taken too much, and now we fight." 

Quill saw something move out of the corner of his eye while Ezekiel was talking. Linking the other warriors, they started to move cautiously through the crowd. The smell that crawled up Quill's nose was familiar. "Oh, shit!" he whispered. 

Moving into the throng of people, he saw Ana, gun pointed directly at Aylin. 'Move, everyone! Protect the Queen!'

Ezekiel seeing the commotion, moved to protect Aylin, but he wasn't fast enough. 

When the commotion died down, Aylin was lying on her side, eyes closed. Scrambling to her side, Ezekiel moved the hair from her face. "Sweetheart, open your eyes. Please! Don't do this to me!" In the background, Ezekiel heard Quill call for the pack doctor, but his eyes never left his mate. Tears dripped from his eyes, down to her cheeks. 

Cradling her head, Ezekiel held her close. A small noise from her popped his head up. "Aylin?" Gazing at her hand, there was blood coming from it. Confused, he pried her hand open to see the bullet. "What the hell?" he whispered, looking down at her. 

Opening her eyes, the only the only thing that hurt was her head. Catching the bullet, she fell banging her head hard on the wood surface of the stage. "Zeke," she whimpered, opening her eyes more. "Anyone get hurt?"

A slight laugh came through his tear stained face, "Yeah, you did." 

"My head hurts," she whined. 

Gently sitting her up, the pack doctor came barreling toward the stage, and the warriors were in tow. "Where's the Queen?"

Quill rushed to the pair, only to be bewildered . "What happened?" 

Showing the bullet, there was only a scratch on her hand. "I don't get it either." 

"Your Majesty, may I examine the Queen?" Growling lowly, Ezekiel relented. Checking her vitals, , pulse, and pupil dilation, the doctor determined the only thing wrong was the large lump on the side of her head. "I suggest you rest for a day or two. You'll probably have a headache." 

"Thank you, Doctor," she said, with a genuine smile. 

Helping Aylin to her feet, Ezekiel wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "Be sure that the offender is put in the cells." 

"Already done." 

"I'm taking the Queen inside." 

Everyone moved aside for the two of them. 

Entering their room, Ezekiel helped Aylin onto the bed, but he had his own questions. How would it even be possible for someone to catch a bullet like that? Werewolf reflexes, though incredible, would never be able to move that fast. There was no doubt anymore, the King's mate was part demon.

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