The Deal

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*Raven's POV*

I wake up in a light...ummm doesn't my room have blinds? Wait. Last night, I fell asleep on...Beast Boy. Oh no. DID HE- oh it's fine I'm in my room. But why did he take me to my- ooooh. I fell asleep on him, right. But still, why?

"Hey Rae. Good morning" he smiled at me
"Why are you in my bed?" I ask him without saying 'good morning' too. Crap I feel he's sad again
" kinda....gripped my shirt and didn't want to let go so because I didn't want to wake you up I sat down beside you hoping that maybe after a while you might've let go but you didn't and-" I cut him off with a short kiss
"Oh shut up already. I don't care about that. I just wanted to know why and I've heard enough" I turn my face away from him
"Look at me" he simply said but I didn't turn
"Hey" he got my chin and turned my chin
"Are you trying to hide something?"
"No." I said a bit confused. Why should I be hiding anything?
"Then why do you turn away almost everytime I want to face you?"
"I-I don't...know..." I really didn't know wich made me frustrated now. Ugh...
"Ok. Let's make a deal"
"What deal?" I say smirking
"So...if you won't turn away from me when you don't need to, even if you blush, I won't be doing anymore...turning of your face and trying to force you into doing it."
"And if I don't?"

He got closer to me and we were nose touching and I blushed.
"I will kiss you everytime you turn" he said and pecked my nose...then left? What?!

You can't let a person in that situation.

"Wait!" I call after him and he turned "Yeah?"
"When does it all start?"
"Ok then" I smile and he smiled back then left.

I got dressed and got to get some breakfast.

"Morning Raven" said Robin and Cyborg
"Good morning friend! Do you wish to try my pankcakes?" Asked Star
"Well...sure why not"

I tried them and they were....soooooo delicious! Wow for the first time Star cooked great.

"How are they?" She asked hopeful
"Awufully amazing! These are really good Star you should cook more"
"Oh joy!"

She walked away to Robin and Cyborg who were playing a game and gave them some. They had the same reaction as mine. She was so happy I thought she would explode. Haha.

"Raven, do you know where Beast Boy is?" Asked Star again.
"Well...I think he's in-" and I was cut off by him
"In here! Morning everyone" he said and got some tofu to eat.
"Morning BB" the boys said
"Hey Rae" he whispered to me and I was just about to look away and he chuckled
"Hey" I whispered back and he shivered and I giggle
"Do you remember the-" he said and I cut him off
"Yeah, why?"
"You just looked away when I was about to whisper to you again" he smiled
"And how was I suppose to know that?" I snapped in a bitter silence "I'm not telekinesist!" I got back to my normal whisper voice
"Yeah so what? That was the deal" he smirked
"You idiot"
"You are actually the idiot because you should've thought it-" I cut him off with a kiss and I could feel stares and Star clapping and cheering.

In that moment I felt ....sparks. With Gar? I really am in love with him. Oh no...he's kissing back. I don't like where this is going. It's gonna last forever! Not that I mind but...they're watching us.
We both pulled away and looked at eachother, then Beast Boy spoke out loud
"See? You haven't turned around this time" and he chuckled
"What. Happened?" Asked Cyborg in a shock
"I think our friends are doing the dating I suppose?"
"No no no" me and BB said that in union
"We're friends Star" I said
"Yeah..." said BB saddened
"I mean...uh..."
"You don't need to do the explaining now. Maybe it's complicated, correct?"
We both nodded.
"Ok but why did you kiss?"
"Well-" he cut me off ....again
"Well we just got close to eachother and kissed by no reason. Raven can we talk now?" He said quick and grabbed me out of the room.

"What?" I asked him
"We don't need to tell them that, ok?"
"Because it's part of the deal"
"No buts"
"Ok." I turned away. Oh no.
" turned away. You know what that means?" He smirked and grabbed my waist
"Do you really need to do this?"
"To grab my waist?"
"Oh...sorry...I didn't know-"

I cut him off with a kiss and he smiled onto it. I swear I felt sparks again. Butterflies? Yes. Dizzy? Oh Azar yes. Wanted more of him? Dup. So why does it still feels wierd? Oh right...we're not together. Maybe I can ask him later that.

Now I put my arms around his neck and he walks towards me so I back down slowly and I hit the wall. He presses me a little more against it and he's now down to my thighs and I put my legs around his waist.
Damn it I'm soooo deep in him aren't I?

He asks permission. Why? Why does he even like me? I didn't have time to think about that because I was just focused on what was happening. He took me off the dark thoughts. Thanks for that.

I gave him permission slow and he slipped his tongue slowly to make me moan, I guess. And it worked. I moaned, but it was a quiet one ,not loud, but it made him smile.

We pulled away almost panting.

"I think it was enough" he said smiling "Who knew you had it in you?"
"What?" I asked him now really confused
"Kissing. And if you didn't kiss anyone else before, wich I highly doubt, you have it in you reallllllly good" he chuckled
"Yeah" I was about to look away but I rememebered the deal and I stopped myself and I SWEAR I heard him whisper "damn it" . Haha. Cute
"Do you- want to be my boyfriend?" I felt my cheeks burn up sooo much that I asked him that and not him
"Well of course Rae Rae, I was waiting for that" he hugged me and smiled. I hug him back and smiled too. Of course the others were watching.

"So...Raven is in love with the grass stain. Great job dude" said Cyborg laughing a bit
"Ohh joy friends!"
And Robin was just smiling and nodding at us, but it was enough.

We got in the common room to celebrate and that was it.
My Emotions Let Me Feel Again. They Let Me Love. They Let Me Be Happy. And Most Importantly, They Let Me Be Myself.
Emotions Are Not To Hide, But To Show.

Guys it's the end of the book. Hope you liked it tho. Even if it was short and rushed but I won't be making any other books momentaly. You'll have to wait until Christmas comes and I will post another book like this. Hehe.
Love and Peace to all of you who read this🖤❤🖤

Theo ✔🖤❤❤🖤

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