Chapter 5

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Third person POV

A few weeks later(i am lazy sry)

Everyone know that Bambam and Mina and dating. Chaeyoung is slowly getting used to it. Jeongyeon and Nayeon, Tzuyu and Sana, Momo and Dahyun are all dating. So the only single on is Chaeyoung, he was always jealous when the couples flirt in front of him. He will always tease the couples even Bambam and Mina but it was done puposely to make them believe that he was happy with his single life.But the truth is that he love Mina so much that looking at her being happy make him happy even though it hurts.

Mina still didn't get what Chaeyoung and Jihyo told her last time.She think that Chaeyoung is happy because of the teasing he give to Bambam and her. Mina thinks that Bambam was a good guy because he was sweet and caring everytime.

As for Jeongyeon and Nayeon, Tzuyu and Sana, Momo and Dahyun, they were happily dating one another.

Chaeyoung's POV

Bambam and Mina is now dating.Although it hurt me, but i was still happy that she is happy.I know Bambam isn't a good guy but Mina just didn't get my words that time. I know they love each other vey much so i tried to give them my best wish for their relationship.

While i was walking to class.

"Mina trust me now. I am sure i can get into her pants pretty soon.HAHAHA"I heard Bambam said

I hid behind a wall as i continue to hear their conversation

"Goodjob bro.You can do it.Just get into her pant and leave her alone.HAHAHA" I heard his friends said.

I clench my fist as i heard that.I went to class normally.

Lunch time

I had lunch normally with my friend...

I felt like something was wrong....

Is something gonna happen....

"CHAEYOUNG HELP ME" I heard a person beg, the voice was soft

'SHIT...ITS MINA...I FORGOT..' I thought

Mina's POV

I was walking to find Bambam to have lunch with him. I was trying to find him but i couldn't so i called him.He told me to find him in a old classroom.I thought that he was giving me a surprise so i went to find him in the classroom.

When i reach the classroom, I saw no one. I was curious so i walk into the classroom, suddenly someone blindfolded me. I was shocked so i tried to take it off but the person was too strong.

"I finally got you.AHAHA"the person said, he sounds like Bambam.

" ! " I shouted

"No one's gonna help you Mina.You are mine ! " Now I can confirm the person was Bambam.

He pinned me against the wall and start kissing me all over my body. He suddenly ripped my uniform and my bra.

"'t..." Tears starts to stream down my face as I begged him to stop but he continue.

He swirled his tongue around my nipple as he sucked it hardly.He started to move his hand down to my womenhood as he continue sucking my nipple.

"Chaeyoung...please help me.." i shouted his name as he is the only person that came to my head

He ripped my skirt with force as he pulled down my panty.He start to touch my womenhood and i can feel his face was really close to it.I was trembling with fear.I could hear that he started to take off his pant..

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