Chapter 4

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Timeskip(a few weeks later)

Jeong, Mo, Chae and Tzu are still friend with Na, Sa, Mi, Da. But they obviously have drifted apart because of Jinyoung,Mark,BamBam and Jackson.

Chaeyoung's POV

Today is Sunday.Every sunday the girl will always hang out with us so that we can bond.We are suppose to reach their dorm to pick them up at 1 pm.But its been a long time since we hang up because of the new boys so we(jeong,mo,chae,tzu) decided to reach their dorm earlier so that we can surprise them.We bought so food to surprise them.

Jeongyeon, Momo, Tzuyu and I own a car each so we met up and drove there together. Because the girls own a dorm each so Jeongyeon went to Nayeon's dorm.Momo went to Dahyun's dorm.I went to Mina's dorm and Tzuyu went to Sana's dorm

I have Mina's dorm password as she told me..I was expecting Mina to be sitting on bed doing nothing but what i saw make me not believe my eyes.

I did not knock the door as it was suppose to be a surprise.I typed in the password as i slowly open the door.What i saw shocked me, I dropped the food i was holding.I saw Mina being pinned on the wall by BamBam, face inchs from each other.

I dropped the bag i was holding, the sound alarmed Mina and BamBam. I started to panic. I started sweating profusely, I didn't know where to put my hand so i end up grabbing my hair. I saw Mina approaching, I started to panic even more, sweat was dripping down my forehead. When I saw Mina trying to reach out for me, I can't just stand still so I ran as far as i can while tears stream down my face.

Jeongyeon's POV

After I surprise Nayeon, I saw Chaeyoung running away...

Panic attack.....

I know the others are enjoying so i didn't disturb them.

I told Nayeon i had things to settle and after that i ran after Chaeyoung while calling Jihyo



Better be something important


(call ended)

I continue running after chaeyoung.I saw Chaeyoung leaning against a wall as he squat down.He was hugging his knee, his whole body was shivering as sweat comtinue to drip from his body. Jihyo reach the place and asked me where Chaeyoung was. I pointed at him.

Chaeyoung's POV

I ran as far as I can away from the place. Tear just kept on rolling down my face as i continue sweating.After i calm down i little, I squat down against a wall as i continue shivering and crying. I recalled the picture of Mina being pinned against the wall by BamBam again. My breathing started to fasten as i try my best not to think about it.

"Hey Hey. Calm down. Noona is here. Noona is here. " Hearing Noona's voice always calm me down

She passed me my medicine as i quickly swollowed it.

She brought me in her warm embrace. I hugged her like no tmr.Suddenly, I felt my shoulder getting wet. I know she is crying, although she is my Noona. She was always scared when i get a panic attack. She was weak in the inside but strong on the outside. I hate myself for making her cry everytime I have panic attack.

"I am sorry. I am fine now. Don't cry. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. Please don't cry. I am sorry" I said while holding my tears.

I hugged her tightly like i never ever want to  let go of her ever again.

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