Chapter 3

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Chaeyoung's POV

"RING RING" my alarm rang

I climbed out of bed while rubbing my eyes. I walk towards the toilet as I took my towel along.I took a quick shower, I walked out with my towel covering my bottom.My upper body was exposed with my 6 pack.


"DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW TO KNOCK THE DOOR ?! " I cut off my sister Jihyo as i cover my body

"AHHHH" My sister shouted as she ran out of my room

I got dress as i exit my room to the kitchen. I found my sister in the kitchen cooking breakfast.If case you don't know, my parent died in the car accident when we were 10. So we came to korea to find some relative and i came to find Mina.

In case you are wondering what happen after my parents died, I had depression.I was depressed for 4 years, always taking medicine for mu depression. I will always cry whenever i feel like and i once had sucidal thought. But whenever i thought of Mina and My sister, I felt really bad as I am a boy but i did not act like one. After my parent's death, my sister always took care of me like how my parents did.Now that my sickness is undercontrol, I am more stable with my emotions now.Jeongyeon, Tzuyu and Momo know my condition and always took care of me.

After breakfast, I saw Jeongyeon, Tzuyu and Momo waiting for me outside my house.We walked to school together.






We were greeted with tjose comments once we reach school.We are the school crush so lots of people are like our fans but we don't really care.Once we reach our class, we heard people saying

"Heard that there are 4 guys tranfered over here"

"I saw them, they are so handsome"

"They are so cute too"

After hearing those comments

"Looks like someone's gonna takeover our place" I whispered

Jeongyeon, Tzuyu and Momo heard it. We laugh for a while as we returned to our sits.

Third person POV

Class started, the professor walked in with 4 boys.

"Hi.I am BamBam.Nice to meet all of you"

"Hello.I am Jinyoung.Happy to be here. "

"Hi.I am Mark.Please take care of me. "

"Hello.I am Jackson.Nice to meet you. "

Nayeon's , Sana's , Mina's and Dahyun's eye eyes widen with admiration of their handsome faces.While Jeongyeon, Momo, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu just look as bored as ever, looking at Nayeon, Dahyun, Mina and Sana faces.They suddenly felt sad.

Because the sits beside girls were empty, the professor asigned the new boys to sit beside them.

(Sitting arrangement)

Mark|Sana   Tzu  |Momo  Dahyun|Jackson
  Bam|Mina  Chae|Jeong   Nayeon |Jinyoung

Jeong, Mo, Chae and Tzu had a sad smile plastered on their faces as the boy started to talk to the girls.

Mina's POV

"Hi.I am BamBam.You are? " my new sit mate BamBam asked me

"Hi.I am Mina" I said with a shy smile on my face.

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