And you have always been the only one I've wanted (One Direction)

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Okay, I'm new at this and this will be my first story ever so I hope u like it and go easy on me please:)


Chapter 1:

"How about this one? Yes or no?" Ashley asked for the fifth time. Ashley is my best friend Kaitlyn's sister, and we were all getting ready to go the one direction concert Kaitlyn's grandpa got us tickets for. Yes we were all very excited of course and we wanted to look good of course, but come on!! I just put on some jeans and a t-shirt and so did Kaitlyn.

But could Ashley do that? No. I mean she's already put on 4 different outfits and they all looked fine. But did Ashley agree? Of course not!

For the fifth time today I screamed "YES! You look fine can we please just hurry up and leave!?"

"Now Courtney I know you're excited about the concert but there is no need to scream." Ashley replied with that smirk on her face that made me want to punch her.

Now just when I thought Ashley was done and we could leave....

"MAKE UP TIME!" Ashley exclaimed smiling making sure everyone in the entire house could hear her. I mean really?? Was that necessary??

"aghhhh!!!" I let out.

"Oh come on Courtney, Ashley is actually really great at doing make up. I'm letting her do mine. Come on over and sit next to me and she will do yours too." Kaitlyn said patting the space next to her on her bed signalling me to sit down by her.

'I give up' I thought to myself getting up from my spot where I was sitting on their hard wood floor and making my way over to her bed.

See I was spending the night over at their house tonight because we were all going to the concert together anyways. Kaitlyn and Ashley shared a room together and I love both of them to death even though they drive me crazy sometimes as you can clearly see. Kaitlyn and I are on the same softball team and have been best friends ever since the first time we had practice together. She is a lot like me and thats why we get along so well I guess. Her sister is probably the funniest person in the world in my opinion. Spending 5 minutes with her I laugh more than I do in a whole week.

30 painful make up filled minutes later.

We were finally ready!!! Or so I thought-_-

"PICTURE TIME!!!" both Kaitlyn and Ashley yelled at the same time. Kaitlyn just joined the dark side-_- doesn't she know they don't have cookies??

FYI: I hate taking pictures. I'm ugly and I know it. Why would I want a picture to prove it?

"YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!" I screamed as I ran out of their room and down the hall as they quickly gave chase behind me.

As I ran through the living room where their mom sat on the couch watching tv. One glance at me she started cracking up laughing. Well I guess it's a good thing someone thought this was funny cuz I didn't. I kept running. 'I'm surprised they haven't caught me yet, I must be doing pretty good'.

Crap. Guess not.

Just when I thought I was fine, I felt 2 pairs of hands grab my arms and pull back as I was dragged back to their room. As we passed the living room once again, their mom was still laughing. Come on! Has everyone gone to the dark side??




Okay I finally cracked.

"NO MORE PICTURES!" I shrieked. While Kate and Ash just giggled. Those are the nicknames I always use for them.

"Ashley can we please go now?" Kate asked.

Finally! I thought I lost her for a while.

" Yeah I guess" Ash replied.

I was so happy I jumped up picturing myself doing it in slow motion like they do in the movies. Wouldn't that be awesome!?

Anyways, long story short we finally ended up on the road almost to the Amway center in Orlando Florida. Yeah, that's right! We live in Florida, jealous much? I thought so.

Have you ever been to a concert? Well if u haven't you can definetly tell when you're near a one direction concert cause there are waaaayyy too many teenage girls that look like they would kill you without a doubt if it meant meeting one direction. Creepy freaks!

Are we the only normal ones here??

Okay, I thought we would be in line for hours. Trust me if you saw the line we had to wait in, you would think that too. But it didn't even take 5 minutes get to the front.

At the front they searched your bags and of course ashley had to bring one. Hope she doesn't have any knives in there. Which I wouldn't doubt.

Luckily she didn't and 10 minutes later we were in our seats,

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