2: Flowers

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As he left, I sighed and walked to the fountain of where they left our world. I'm not sure where he's going though. Oh yeah, I realized. We were supposed to banish the ANGEL'S HEAVEN. Eh, whatever. It's not like, anything bad is going on yet right?

I placed some flowers nearby an effigy I made representing Kris and Susie. Yeah I know they aren't dead. For some reason, I like flowers. Why you ask?

Because they're pretty!

You know, I'd like to give them lots of gifts when they return. I'd give Susie a lot of cake like I promised. I'm not sure what Kris would like but I'll just give them a hug!


Friendly Reminder: the fanfic's chapters are usually going to be 100-150 words long. Meaning there will be usually cliffhangers (sorry). So unless I finish the first arc, I'll make a revamped version soon. Thank you very much!

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