Chapter 1

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" Do you trust Me?"

There it was, the question Valeria hated the most. And one that God loved to ask her. The question was, did she? Saying yes would mean foregoing her perfectly planned out route for her life:

1.Going to study abroad in europe
2.  Graduating with a degree in sociology and psychology
3. Meeting the guy of her dreams
4. Graduating with her Masters degree (maybe attend bible school part time)
5. Getting engaged to said dream guy
6. Graduating with a PHD
7. Working and Starting a family
8.  Getting established and opening up her own private practice as a child psychologist.
9. Do ministry part time, and go on many mission trips to Asia
10. Retire and focus on ministry full time

Was she really willing to surrender this plan she had spend the better part of her life carefully planning out? She wasn't sure.
"But God, I know if I say yes, you won't let things go my way! I've waited for this for so long!"
But all she got in response was the same question again:

" Do you trust Me?"
The stakes were high and Valeria knew it. She also knew however, that she Had made God the total master of her life and submission was part of the that decision. So with a heavy and anxious heart she said the words that would completely change the course of her life

"yes God, I trust you"

Hi! sorry this chapter is rather short, but I plan to make the second chapter longer

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