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*seven years earlier*

Valeria stood in complete shock, another failed relationship staring her in the face:

"I've changed my mind about you, its over"

Taylor said casually like he was talking about the weather,

*Six years earlier*

"Lord, I'm tired of these series of heartbreaks. Clearly I do not know how to pick the right guy for me, so I'm going to let you do it. Lord, I officially make the decision to kiss dating goodbye. The next person I date, will be the person I marry".

Valeria closed the book of her journal after writing this prayer with a sense of determination. "Now what?" She thought, "Now I prepare myself for the person God has for me". With a hopeful smile, she opened up her journal again and began to wtite:

"dear future husband,
I've decided to write to you more often, since I cant get you out of my head ;). Today is the day I've finally made the decision to kiss dating goodbye..."

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