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It all started with a plane ticket. When a mysterious ticket arrived on his doorstep, Ethan Schurr's worldly adventure started. The ticket arrived the summer after his senior year with a note saying "Have fun." Nothing was mentioned about who it was from or why someone would want to give him a ticket. As he looked at the ticket he noticed the destination, and that the departure date was in one week. Every summer he had begged his parents to take a trip to another country, but they had always said no. How did someone know that he wanted to travel? Or did they know? As he found out the destination was London, the first thought he had was to run inside and ask his parents if they knew anything about this mysterious ticket. When he sat down to talk with them, neither of them knew what impact this mysterious present would have on Ethan but soon they all would find out. Ethan asked his parents if he could go, and hopefully find out where the ticket was from, Ethan's parents told him they had to sleep on it. 

The next morning Ethan tried to be extra helpful to his parents, thinking it would give him a better chance. Right after the breakfast that Ethan cooked and cleaned up, his parents called him into the living room. They told him that they had thought about it for a long time and they are willing to let him go. Though there were to be specific rules that he would have to follow. The first rule was that Ethan had to call them every day he is gone. The second rule was he had to take lots of pictures. As the final rule, he couldn't do anything illegal. Ethan was too excited about his parents allowing him to go that he didn't hear any of the rules. 

That afternoon he was getting ready for his exciting adventure. He was packing his suitcase, getting his passport out of the safe and borrowing money from his parents for his expenses. When he was finished, his parents checked over his belongings. They took out different kinds of items that they thought Ethan would not need. As he thought about this upcoming trip, he was starting to get a little nervous about being away from his parents. Ethan had stayed away from his parents for a long time before, but never somewhere he was not comfortable. He told his parents his worries, but they thought this would be a wonderful experience for him, though he didn't have to go if he didn't want to.  

That night as he was lying in bed, he was thinking, What if this turns out bad? What if I get hurt? If I'm not able to come home, what do I do? As he thought about it longer, he said to himself that it would be an experience of a lifetime and he is going to take all the chances that he needed to.  

After five days, it was finally the day of departure. Ethan was brimming with excitement! During the week he had been on the internet looking up all he could about London and interesting places it held. He had been making plans for each day even though he did not know when he was coming home or if he would ever come home. Ethan's plane was scheduled to leave at two o'clock in the afternoon, so at ten in the morning Ethan and his parents left the house to go to the airport. During the entire car ride, Ethan was talking non stop about what he was planning to do while he was there. That is until he saw the airport because then some of his nervousness came back from earlier in the week. Right inside the airport, Ethan and his parents said good-bye so he could be on his way to London.  

While checking his luggage he realized that he forgot his camera so he decided to go to the gift shop to see if there were any disposable cameras for sale there. In the gift shop he picked up a couple cameras for his trip, but when he got to the cash register the cashier asked him if his name was Ethan Schurr. Ethan said yes and asked the cashier why? Surprisingly, the cashier had a package that someone had left for him. He opened it and saw it was a SLR digital camera with a 32 GB memory card, complete with two batteries and a battery charger. He was surprised but confused about who had left it for him. Then suddenly the intercom came on and announced that Flight 36 to London was now loading. After a moment he realized that was his plane. He ran there, though he was very close to his gate. 

As he sat on the plane waiting to go to London, he thought about his time in High School. He was just an average person, he liked to play all the sports he could, football, basketball, track and baseball. Even though Ethan played all of those sports he was really never any good at them. The only place he truly enjoyed in High School was the library. He loved to go into the library and look at books about other countries and cultures. He really didn't read the books about traveling, he read the books about the culture and how the people lived. That was when he decided he wanted to have a job willing to let him travel anywhere and everywhere. He thought about this until he heard over the intercom that the plane would be landing in ten minutes. When he heard that he forgot all about what he was thinking about and started to imagine what London would be like and the first thing he would do when he got there.  

After picking up his luggage, he started walking towards the exit. From out of the corner of his eye he noticed someone holding up a sign that he thought had said Ethan. He turned his head to look straight at it and realized, he was right, it really did say ETHAN SCHURR. 

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