1 - Alley Meeting

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It was my regular night at work were I was serving men their alcohol drinks. Some were here to talk to me about their relationship problems others were trying to hit on me or get my name. The number one rule in this bar is that the female bartender should never tell anyone her name. The reason is because it was for safety. There were a few gangs in this city and some were really dangerous.

The first gang was the Donati gang, most dangerous one, they were always in the news for raping girls, abuse, or drugs. I've never seen the gang leader but I'm sure he's very creepy looking. The other gang is the De Rege gang. The gang is pretty much mostly about drugs and alcohol. I've never seen them on the news but I do know that the leader, Christopher, is a ladies' man and I agree with that because he has my heart.

"Hello sexy lady" said a man in front of me wearing a black coat and his completely messed up hair. He looked around the age of 48 and he was really starting to bother me.

"What would you like?" I asked cleaning the counter in front of me with a blue rag.

"Get me a Cape Codder baby" he winked at me showing me his yellow teeth.

"Don't call me that!"

"Why not? Baby."

"Because I said so, and it's against the rules to flirt with the bartender" I said pointing at the sign above me that said, "No flirting with female bartenders"

There were always rules when it comes to being bartender or what I like to call them 'Problems'.

1. Do not lean over the bar. It's called personal space and you're invading it.
2. Constantly being asked to make a drink strong. Do I come to where you work and tell you how to do your job? Don't think so.
3. Don't ask for a free drink because it's your birthday I guarantee there are 20 other birthdays in here tonight. I don't know you or care that it's your birthday. Try tipping well and a free drink might come your way.
4. Barbacks that are nowhere to be found when you actually do need them.
5. Girlfriends that don't let their dudes tip for the simple fact that you're a pretty girl.
6. Packed bar and some asshole orders a purple parrot and 5 other complex girly drinks. We are busy and this is annoying keep it simple, bro.
7. Line juice in the eye. Ouch.

Those are just a few here….

"Well, you're so hot I just could help. My stick went up just by looking at you." he whispered.

I gulped and turned around grabbing a bottle of vodka, cranberry and pineapple juice. I took the highball glass, I added 2 ounces of vodka and mixed the 2 juices. And I finished it off with a garnish, lime wedge. "Do you want ice in your drink?"

"2 cubes please, make sure they're really hard."

"Sir, I would stop if I were you." said another voice. I turned around and saw one of Christophers best friends. I think his name is Andre. He has brown hair and he was wearing a leather jacket that made him look dangerous.

"Or what little boy?" the creep said grabbing the drink that I placed in front of him and sipping on it.

"Before I bash your head against this counter and shove that martini up your ass."

His eyes went wide and he stood up and left. I took a deep breath and grabbed the glass and placed it in the sink.

"Are you alright?" Andre asked standing in front of me.

"Well you just scared him away and he didn’t pay for his drink" I chuckled.

Andre put his hands in his pockets and brought out a 50$ cash. "Keep the change" he said and walked away towards the dance floor that was filled with girls wearing the shortest dresses on this planet. And they were so tight that I don't even know how could they even breath in them. For the next hour I was serving drinks left and right with shoving some tips into my purse.

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