How to Annoy: Your Parents (24 ways)

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Idea from @geoally

Thank you for you're suggestion!~


1. Don't answer their texts or calls and just say you "accidentally" put it on silent

2. Turn the TV volume or Radio volume up when they're talking on the phone

3. Why they call for you from a different, keep yelling back "WHAT?!"

4. Keep asking "what's for dinner"

5. Take hour long showers

6. Call them weird names: MeMa, PePa, Pops, Mummy, (etc.)

7. Eat food in the living room or any room you're not suppose to and you just "forgot"

8. Spray perfume (or cologne) right outside their room

9. Eat greasy food then put your hands all over the windows

10. Stand in front of the tv when they're watching their favorite show

11. Eat with your mouth open

12. Chomp really loudly while eating

13. Slurp your drinks

14. Drink tons of coffee and bounce around like a maniac

15. Continuously poke them

16. Leave your shoes everywhere

17. Talk for hours on the home phone

18. Bark at them when they ask you something

19. Hide their car keys, they can't go anywhere without you!!!~

20. Add stuff to their shopping list: bacon, Nutella, butterfingers, Obama Care, kittens, (etc.)

21. Smear mud on their freshly washed car/truck

22. Constantly say mom or dad till they ask what, then you say "I-... Oops. I forgot!~" and races off

23. Stare at them with big, innocent eyes till they give you a weird look or ask you what you're doing. "Why, nothing (mom/dad)! Why do you ask?" Stare intensifies.

24. Eat all the leftovers from dinner

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