ᑕᕼᗩᖇᗩᑕTEᖇ IᑎTEᖇᐯIEᗯᔕ

1)      Dear Riley, do you prefer Alec or his little sister?

ᖇIᒪEY: That's way too hard! I can't choose between them: I love them both equally but in very different ways, thank god.

2)      Dear Alec, what was your first reaction when you found out your mom was engaged?

ᗩᒪEᑕ: I guess you're expecting me to say that I punched a wall or something aren't you? Truthfully, I guess I was just shocked. It took me a little while to digest the information, but after that I realised that I probably should've expected it what with them being together for like four years and all. Besides, it's not like Matt is a bad guy or anything.

3)      Dear Author, if Kaitlin was alive in this book, who would you ship her with?

ᗩᑌTᕼOᖇ: If Kaitlin were alive...I'd probably ship her with Chase, not going to lie. I think she'd be really cute with him, because he'd be all protective over her.

4)      Dear Jack, what do you think about Millie?

ᒍᗩᑕK: Girls are gross...but her hair is pretty I guess.

5)      Dear Chase, will you marry me?

ᑕᕼᗩᔕE: I'm not a commitment kind of guy, unfortunately for you, but I'm definitely up for dates and one night stands if I can ever be of service.

6)      Dear Alec, who exactly dared you to steal Riley's bra and what was your reaction?

ᗩᒪEᑕ: Joe Travis dared me to steal the bra. We knew Riley was in that room from her music playing earlier, and Joe thought it would be funny if I went into her room (seeing as the window was open) and stole some of her underwear. At first I was surprised, but then I realised how funny it could actually be to see her reaction in the morning when she looked for it, so I climbed through her window. Her clothes from the day were slung across her desk chair, and conveniently her bra was on top so I just grabbed it and started heading back to the window when she woke up. I had to really rush then, but it was worth it in the end- her reaction was priceless.

7)      Dear Toby, if you wanted Riley back then why would you help Tiana humiliate her?

TOᗷY: When my mom came in and told me we'd be moving back to Lindale, my first thought was that I could have another shot with Riley Greene- my childhood sweetheart, and the one I stupidly betrayed. Evidently though, when I arrived and attempted to befriend her again, that was not the case. I was so livid when I found out that she'd told Alec all about her past. Not only was I livid though, but I was also jealous. I decided in a split second of anger that I'd tell Tiana everything- to get back at her. If I told Tiana something so deep and personal about Riley, then that would teach her for telling Alec. When I found out about Tiana's plan, I was incredibly reluctant and she guessed that I would be. She only told me what she was doing ten minutes before the lunch, because she knew that I'd pull out if it wasn't a last minute decision. My act was not to get Riley back, but to pay her back in a sense, although I went completely out of line and I understand that now.

8)      Dear Riley, are there any pranks which you've pulled on Alec which we don't know about?

ᖇIᒪEY: Well, I finally managed to post that picture onto Facebook! The one I took when I originally drew on Alec's face and humiliated him. That picture got more likes than all of my profile pictures combined. Not only that, but after I found all of my bras again, I decided to pay him back a little more personally. Turns out that the bad boy wears superman boxers, is all I can say.

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