Chp.35 The Battle Of Mewni

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River: Oh sweetie...

Jackie: I can't believe he's gone and we're here locked up...

Janna: Guys, I know we miss (Yn) a lot, but what if he may be alive...

Tom: Yea your right Janna, I mean look guys, don't you see, (Yn) May be alive.

Star: wh-What!?

Tom: Think about it Star, doesn't he have the magic to heal people up?

Star: *sniffs* yea...

Tom: So I bet he can heal himself no?

Marco: Yea, your right, (Yn) not only can heal people up, but he can also heal himself up.

Star: Y-Yea...your right...he does.

Tom: See, told you guys.

Janna: Wait, do you guys here that??

The guys kept quiet to here monsters growling and roaring from the outside.

Jackie: What's going on out there??

Tom: Lets check.

The guys went to the window to look outside from the room, seeing the monster are being beat up by (Yn).

Marco: Is that-

Star: (Yn)!!!??

Moon: He...He's alive!

Janna: and kicking ass!

Tom: Told you guys he's alive!

Star in her mind: (Yn), you really are alive, my love, my king.

(Yn) POV

(Yn) kept fighting with the monsters knowing that he isn't here to fight them, he was here to save his friends and only fight Toffee.

(Yn): Okay, enough with this.

(Yn) suddenly jumped in mid air from 20ft. Star and the others were looking at him, knowing what he was going to do.

Marco: What's he doing??

Star: It looks like...

(Yn) raises his arm and closed his hand into a fist turning his whole arm into a black metal stone again and then went falling down and had his arm straight to the ground like if he was going to punch the ground once he is down there.

Moon: Kids, move away.

Star: Why-

Moon: Duck!

Moon and the others ducked down as quickly as possible to know that she really knows what (Yn) was going to do. (Yn) kept falling straight down and straightened his arm pointing to the ground and yelled out.

(Yn): Gamma Fist Bomb!!!

(Yn) finally approached to the ground and using his black metal stone arm, he punched the ground from mid air to and created a gamma wave to take out all the monsters, flying away. After that, there was a big hole where (Yn) punched the ground from mid air and in the middle, (Yn) was in his knees, still his arm on the ground with a Superman pose. He then gets up and notice the damage he did.

(Yn): Hmm, that takes care of them.

He then continues to go to the castle to save his friends. But then he realizes that someone is coming from that castle, he heard big steps coming to the castle, a big smash broke through the doors from the castle and revealing Crank, the big tough monster, who approaches to (Yn).

Star POV

Star was looking outside from the window to know that (Yn) was gonna be in trouble.

Star: Guys..!

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