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     AS SOON AS JAZEON WAS MEDICATED BY MADAM POMFEY, HE FELT A LOT MORE BETTER. He kept his mind off the things bothering him. But unfortunately, It would be Jazeon's first trip to Dumbledore's office.

Jazeon still felt warry around the old man, He still had a little distrust to the headmaster. About that night that had occured 7 years ago, Jazeon knew Dumbledore could have done something or anything to prevent the tragic happenings, but the old man didn't.

I know it sounds wrong, Jazeon partly blaming Dumbledore of his parents death. But he couldn't stop himself, Dumbledore could really have done something, we all know that. And as the years go by, Jazeon trusted the man lesser. He has been told a lot of stories by Lily about how Dumbledore was a great man.

But Jazeon just didn't want to believe it. He couldn't wrap his fingers around that topic. So as he walked miserably and slowly with each step to the way to the headmaster's office, Feeling himself a little numb on the way.

"Chocolate frogs." He mumbled to the portrait, but loud enough for the portrait to hear. As the door opened, it revealed a little messy office with a few books scattered at the corner of the room, but the rest of the room was neat, which made it more suspicious for Jazeon.

"Just in time, Mr Veller." Dumbledore spoke up from his seat all suddenly, Jazeon hesitantly sat on the other chair being a guess, he held out a few unboxed chocolate frogs.

"Chocolate Frogs?" Dumbledore asked, Jazeon shook his head, staring at the bowl with such distrust and distaste, we would never know what Dumbledore might have done to those.

"With the usual breakdowns and incidents you have became involve of Mr Veller, the ministry of magic has decided to send Doctor Kalmin T Hero to be your own personal doctor—" Dumbledore trailed off as Jazeon furrowed his brows.

"I'm not mental." Jazeon said confused but Dumbledore just ignored his words.

"—He will be staying in hogwarts and around, he will be there to help you in your future black outs and break downs." Dumbledore finished, looking at Jazeon curiously.

"I don't have a choice on this one, do I?" Jazeon asked, Dumbledore maintained his grandfather looks and calm expression. Dumbledore shook his head. "Then why even bother asking for my permission when I don't even have a choice on this one?"

Dumbledore hummed, impressed by the boy's knowledge and intelligence. Dumbledore stands up, allerting Jazeon as he slowly slid his fingers to his shoes where he hid his wand inside his socks, and lucky him, Dumbledore never noticed.

"I'm just informing you, Mr Veller, so you wouldn't wonder why Doctor Hero will be around." Dumbledore responded calmly as always, Jazeon just nodded, still
Not feeling the littlest safe and comfortable around the old man.

"May I leave now?" Jazeon asked, trying to be polite. Dumbledore longed a thought before turning to Jazeon with a slight frown.

"You may after this, Mr Veller." Dumbledore responded, Jazeon sat back at his seat as he tried to patiently listen.

"I understand that you hold a grudge against me for doing nothing to prevent your parents' unexpected death." Dumbledore started first as Jazeon narrowed his eyes, upset at Dumbledore for bringing up the subject and frowning wondering how the hell Dumbledore knew he was thinking that.

"Lets not lie here, Professor, We all know they were gonna die sooner or later, we just didn't see that one coming." Jazeon argued as he watched the professor closely, not trusting the old man's every move.

"But I still do know you hold a grudge, Mr Veller." Dumbledore pointed out. Jazeon nodded a little as he didn't let his eyes wander off. "Will you ever forgive me and get over the grudge?" Dumbledore asked.

Jazeon thought for a second, thinking of the wisest ways to answer and solve the problems happening before him right now.

"Maybe, But don't hold that against me Professor. You can't blame me though, I've been trying to get over that grudge years ago. I'll just try now. But do not expect much from me, I'd leave you disappointed." Jazeon replied, a little clue behind his words as he stands up, more inches and he'll be taller than the mighty Dumbledore.

Jazeon paused, his lips forming into a thin line as he looked around him and then to his wrist, pulling up the sleeves of his uniform and check the time.

"Tsk. . . Tsk. . . Tsk." Jazeon started as he looked fakedly disappointed at Dumbledore.

"Sorry to break this nice and awful conversation, but I still have a Transfiguration Class to attend." Jazeon spoke mockingly, he dusted a little of his robes. "May I go now?"

"You may." Dumbledore said, amusing sparkling onto his blue eyes as he watched the blonde boy nod satisfied and walked away from the room and walk to Transfiguration Class that was teached my Minerva McGonagall.

Jazeon on the other hand was feeling anxious, That was the most awkward and awful conversation he had with the headmaster. As Jazeon's mind wander to the conversation he had with the headmaster.

Forgive? Why would the headmaster ask for his forgiveness when he did nothing wrong? Or perhaps it the other way around, Maybe the headmaster could read minds and detect feeling.

He'll never know.

As Jazeon snapped his thoughts out, he walked to Transfiguration Clas, 5 minutes early, he said beside Caprico (since Regulus was a lot younger and that makes Regulus's and Jazeon's timetable real different).

Caprico wondered what got Jazeon look so tired and anxious. As Jazeon looked at Caprico, seemingly to read what the shorter boy was giving him the looks about.

"I'll tell you later." Jazeon mumbled tiredly as Caprico just nodded, seemingly interested to what the boy had experienced now.

And as the day goes on, Dumbledore was quite intrigued by Jazeon's attitude towards him. The stubborn, sass, and sarcasm behaviour was quite amusing, but what stood out was how something was bugging Jazeon's mind while he red the boy's mind. Something darker than the future dark lord he thinks.

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