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You were hurt I could tell
So I explained myself
I asked if you really thought I'd let myself fall for this trick? That's the only thing this could be is a trick. I mean come on! Who would really want to date me?
I feel bad for the trouble you went through
You even kissed me
And it was all for the stupid little trick that you're "friends" told you to do.
I'm sorry Namjoon that you were caught in your little act.
"Why can't you let me love you?"
You asked, looking very serious may I add.
I had to respond with a chuckle before speaking my mind
"Love is overrated. It will always leave you feeling empty in the end."
My reasoning wasn't enough for you, you pushed it.
"But isn't it worth it?" You took my hands.
"Not if it destroys you every passing second."
You pleaded me to give you a chance
You promised me that your friends had nothing to do with it
That you even convinced them to leave you alone and allow you into their group because he was so sure you'd say yes.

And what can I say?
I'm a sucker for romance
Well at least the books made me that way
And I wanted to experience it at least once
Maybe this was it.
I searched your eyes for the lie
For the look of mischief
But it wasn't there
So I caved
I caved and said yes to you
You smiled wide and kissed me again.
You left after giving me your number.
Never did I expect myself to have such a new life just by saying yes to being yours.

I mean, we walked into school together
Holding hands, may I add,
Of course everyone was gonna stare
And unfortunately
They whispered and talked too
They alwags involved themselves in my life.
I hate it
I hate them
I don't hate you
And I guess that's all that really matters huh?
Now that everyone knows we're dating and I'm basically always with those jerks
(Aka, your friends)
Everyone has backed off and has left me alone
I have you to thank actually
It was great
You wrote me letters everyday
Telling me how much you loved me and how beautiful I was.
I soaked in every word as if I was a dry and forgotten sponge.
I shouldn't have done that.

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