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You wrote another letter today
And it truly almost made me cry. Somehow you managed to know so much about just by
My looks.
It may sound weird, but I just had to save it.
So, here it is...
Dear Lonely Girl,
Give me a chance to let you feel okay again. For the way you hang your head as you walk and the way you never smile
Hurts me truly.
Don't be so hard on yourself, allow yourself to smile even if it's iust while you're alone.
Or you could always come to me
I want to be there for you.
I don't know why, but there's something about you mystery girl that makes me so interested. Something makes me want to stay.
And I hope you want me to stay too, I know no one else is going to be there for you.
I know you must hate yourself everyday
So let me help.
Let me be there.
Let me be your shoulder
Your crutch if you will.
~Kim Namjoon

Oh man my heart skipped a beat reading the note.
Then it sped up about 10 times more than it should have. It's your fault.
And you know what...maybe...just maybe I can let you in. Just a bit.
I can crack myself open a tiny bit so only some comes out.
Maybe, just maybe.
Also, you know my name.
You've heard it during rollcall
You've heard people say it with the
Comments they've made
But you still call me anything but it.

After school ended you came up to me and asked for another shot at the cafe.
"Sure, I'll get to test new ways to get goo out of my hair." You laughed, and I did too.
"There's that smile." You smiled to wide that your dimples looked deep enough to fill a pool.
It could hold all my tears in,
And that's exactly what I wanted.
We walked together to the cafe and I made it past the entrance without getting dirty.
We took a seat at a booth and you told me stuff.
You told me how much you love music and your plan to make it your career.
Apperently, you're an underground rapper.
You said a fan gave you the name of Rap Monster, you told me you weren't to big of a fan of it, but it grew on you.
You want it to be your stage name when you're famous.
I hope you know I'm rooting for you.
I had a wonderful time with you
The fact that you were able to fill the silence when I didn't want to speak was amazing.
You're very good with words,
You got me to open up about my family problems...
And eventually my school problems...
Then my mind problems...
And every other problem you could think of.
When I began to cry you held my hands and told me it was going to be alright.
That the problems would disappear,
That I would be okay again.
You never let go of my hand either.
We decided to head home when we realized I wouldn't stop crying.
When we reached my house you did something.
Something big,
Something life changing.
And it all started out as a hug goodbye.

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