Chapter Eight- Between Sheets

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"I should have kissed you sooner," Arsen told me, his voice as rough to my ears as his stubble was to my lips. I felt myself smile without meaning to, and I was drawn further into the kiss.

It was euphoric. I'd never been kissed like that. The way his body seemed to move in synch with his lips, encompassing me completely... Arsen was all around me, but I still wanted more of him. All of him. His tongue flicked under my top lip, pulling me into a deep, lingering locking of lips that had me breathless. When his hands slipped beneath my tank top, his fingers pressing hard into the skin of my back, my body arched to his touch, and I pulled back to look at him.

He looked into my hazel eyes with his molten golden ones with question and desire, and I felt for the first time that there was no invisible barrier separating our worlds.

"Arsen," I gasped, and his hands lightened in pressure.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked, and I was pleased to hear a slight breathlessness in his voice as well. His words made me back pedal though.

"No! No. I just... I like you."

He seemed to freeze at my words, and I immediately regretted them. It was true-- I did like him, way too much, but I never meant to ruin the mood by telling him.

"You..." was all he said as his gaze roamed my face.

"I really..." I began, ready to tell him everything, but something stopped me. Everything he'd said about our separate worlds... I didn't want him to think I was trying to make this something more, even if that's what I secretly wanted. Right then, I just wanted to be close to him, and for this to never end.

"Oh fuck, never mind," I decided, and kissed him again. He held me closer then, kissing me back with the same desperate energy, and I felt his excitement pressing between us.

I hummed against his lips when he lifted his hips to grind us together, and began to trail my hands lower. I'm not sure what we meant to happen, but I found my fingers at his belt at the same time his hands gripped the back of my bra. He bit my lip and I let out a startled moan, and I felt the pressure around my ribs let up as my bra unfastened.

Then there was a crash, and then...

I blinked slowly, eyes adjusting to the space around me. The room was unfamiliar, and I inspected it from where I lay in bed. Wooden walls, bone accents, and black curtains, so I must have still been in Arsen's house, but I didn't recognize the red rug, the laundry basket in the corner, the canopy above the...

Right. I was also in a bed. A bed that smelled like Arsen.

My gaze traveled to the window behind me, where Arsen sat on a red settee. He had a glass of some golden liquid in his hand, and was watching it as he swished some ice cubes around.

"What happened?" I asked, and his gaze snapped to mine. Golden eyes watched me carefully, and I rolled over to face him. "Are you okay? I saw a mountain lion! What..."

I trailed off in bewilderment as my mind replayed the events leading up to me being an idiot and forgetting the electric fence. The phone call, the kiss, the crash... I blushed and looked away, suddenly completely unsure how to act toward him. I was in his bed, but the way he was looking at me, so cautiously, made me nervous.

"Look at me, Charlotte," he said softly, and I looked up in surprise. "What did you see?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, frowning at his question. "Just that mountain lion run into the room, and then I did myself a great favor and knocked my own ass out. Wait, did you change clothes?"

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