18- The Shoot

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"(y/n) go get ready you have a shoot with some famous footballer ." my stylist said.

" okay . okay don't rush it whoever he is he can wait" i said to her .

She looked through her papers.

" he's Neymar Jr. "She said.

my eyes grew wide and I rushed to get dressed.

"he can't wait. " i said putting the last touch.

I cannot believe that I'm shooting with Neymar Jr . Omg .

I have been in love with him for as long as I remember.

it's just something about him that makes me love him.

i got out of the dressing room and saw him already in position in swimming shorts hanging really low .

omg (y/n) calm yourself.

i was wearing a vibrant green swimsuit with the brasillian flag on one side of the top .

I walked over to the photographer who told me to go stand next to Neymar .

I did as I was told and Neymar immediately spotted me.

"Hi i'm Neymar Jr your shoot partner. and may i say you look amazing " he grinned at me.

" nice to meet you Neymar i'm (y/n) . Thank you. You look amazing too. " i shook his hand.

"Guys we start now get at your place"

Neymar and I stood next to each other and looked at the camera.

" do cute stuff look like you're having fun. "


After the shoot


"okay guys that will be all ." The photographer said.

Everyone began to pack up.

" It was fun to do the shoot with you. i usually have to deal with stuck up and b*itchy girls. but you're different " Neymar said.

" it was fun for me too. and thanks" i said blushing a little.

" okay so I have a little confession for you" he said scratching the back of his neck.

" what is it? " i turned to look at him.

" well this is not the first time i see you. I've seen you so many times before and well . ugh this is stupid ...i fell in love with you. in the interviews and all your personality seemed so bright that I couldn't but fall hard"

he said looking me straight in the eyes.

" i could say the same for me. I've been in love with you for quite a while now for your same reasons. "

i blushed looking down.

he lifted my chin up and made me look at his sparkling eyes.

" well then can i kiss you? " he said grinning.

" do you even have to ask" i replied grinning back.

he leaned in and kissed me softly pulling me closer to him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Neymar got a new hair cut.

i already miss his beard

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- Jayn -

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