Ship Randomness

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Here's an early present to you guys! I hope you enjoy!


"Hey, Ronnie?"

Veronica turns around frantically while midway through inserting noodles into her mouth.

"Wha, I was eatin' some noods!" Veronica mumbles

"Can you read my story? It's about my undying love for you!"

"You wrote a story about me?" Veronica says as her eyes drip tears

"It also has a special prize waiting for you at the end!" Duke winks with a toothy smile

*Veronica reads the story*

*Veronica sees a special desktop folder labeled 'Veronica being cute'*

"When did you take photos of me while I was sleeping?" Veronica crossed her arms

"A month ago; I only printed out one, just so then I could always look at a photo of you while I'm at work!" Duke's lip quivered

"Awww, come here you small little Asian!"

Duke cannot escape the gayness of Veronica's bear hug, she is forever stuck in the gayness.

"Let me go, vErOnIcA!"



"Chandler, whatcha doing?" Mac asked as Chandler relaxed on the velvet couch cocking an eyebrow in Mac's direction.

"Watching TV?" Chandler gave an expression of, 'duh'

"Oh, what are you thinking about?" Mac persisted

"Doing something," Chandler smirked 

"Doing what?" Mac inquired with perseverance

"You," Chandler monotoned, "Along with the many things I'd love to please you with."

"Like right now?"

"Take your clothes off, now!" Chandler grinned

"It's so hot in here! So, take off all your clothes!" McNamara sings pointing to Chandler

"Great, it's been reflected back to me!"


"What would you like from McDonald's?" Mac asked with an undying curiosity 

"A McDuke." Dukie Smiled widely

"Never heard of it. What is it?"

"It's an acronym!"


"Us, as a couple, our relationship, our souls bonded through love!"

"Awww, you're so adorable!"

Heather proceeds to go to McDonald's and orders the usual. She happened to get a discount, due to Veronica being the manager. When Heather got home she was completely astonished at what she saw. Duke is in a full Pikachu onesie with ears and a tail, while chanting a tribal cry that consisted of 'Pika Pika Pi'. Dukie is also dancing to a song only consisting of the Pikachu sound.

"Pika Pikachu!"

Mac didn't want to ruin the fun, so, she dropped the McDonald's bag and danced in place, only to have Small Dukie look at her in shock.

"Pika!" Dukie jumped

"You're so cute! Do you have one for me?" Mac asks fearfully

"Bulbasaur!" Duke imitates the green creature

With that, Mac puts on the outfit and is promptly pinned to the ground. Dukie's eyes are filled with lust. Heather unzips Mac's zipper and grinds against her thigh. Unfortunately, the McDonald's food has grown cold, due to Mac and Small Dukie's intense love-making.


SeeSawyer: OMW

Chan-Chan: kkk >:)

SeeSawyer: *sigh*

SeeSawyer: k am here.

Chan-Chan: Cum in

SeeSawyer: side of me?

Chan-Chan: yEs

SeeSawyer: ;)

Chan-Chan: I want to eat that pussy like I did the other night.



SeeSawyer: ok, I'D LOVE THAT shit man, It felt goooooood

Chan-Chan: I know, I know where the right spots are dude.

SeeSawyer: How?

Chan-Chan: I went with BOTH Mac and Duke at one point.

SeeSawyer: Before me?

Chan-Chan: Duh!

SeeSawyer: OK, good, now, let's smash!

Chan-Chan: I've been waiting for you!


It's time for pick-up lines: with Veronica Sawyer.

"Hey, Mac?" Veronica swayed her head to the side

"Yeah?" Mac questioned as she slurped on her strawberry lemonade.

"Are you the seventh planet from the sun?"

"No?" Mac rolls her eyes 

"Because I'd love to probe Uranus!"

"Ha, nice try Ronnie! I can do you one better!"

"Baby, you look so sweet, you're giving me a cavity! Mac replied


Chandler happened to walk down the street when Dukie appeared unexpectedly. Dukie hugs Chandler. Chandler reciprocated the gesture by putting her right hand down Duke's panties. Dukie is appreciative of the warm welcoming gift.

"Weird flex but okay!" Dukie responded

"You like it?"

"I mean, it's something new, but I welcome it nonetheless!"

What really happened.

"Hey, I like your face! BAP!" Chandler said as she accidentally slapped Duke across the face due to the nervous gayness.

"Hey, me too! PUSSY PUNCH!" Duke replied with a split punch between the legs.

I'll do another Ship Randomness after a while with a few more ships! I hope you guys enjoyed this random mess!



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